Ravenswatch Characters – Complete Characters Listed

Ravenswatch is a top-down roguelike game that is becoming more and more popular. With its real-time combat, challenging gameplay, and high replay value, this game promises a new level of intensity and excitement.

Ravenswatch will test your skills and push you to your limits, whether you play alone or with up to three other people in co-op mode. Everyone wants to know more about the characters, so we made this article with a list of all of them.

Ravenswatch Characters and Abilities

Ravenswatch Characters and Abilities 
Ravenswatch Characters and Abilities


Melusine is an interesting character who has a long history in the mythology of Sirens. With her special ability to dive underground and control a huge ball of water, she can destroy her enemies from a long distance.

Her powers are very strong, and her enemies can’t get away from her. Her impressive skills make her a key member of any team, and just seeing her is enough to make her opponents nervous.


Franz is a flexible character who can both help and hurt the team. His ability to call up a swarm of rats can cause chaos in the enemy lines and give his team a chance to attack. His weapon, which is filled with Nightmare energy, can do a lot of damage from a long way away.

His songs can make his enemies weaker so he can attack them again. His style of play requires precise timing and positioning, which makes him hard to master but rewarding once you do.

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Beowulf is based on the legendary hero with the same name. He has a strong two-handed sword and a loyal friend by his side. This friend can be called on to help weaken, attack, or block enemy forces, making it easier for Beowulf to fight.

As the Nightmares threaten his people, King Beowulf stands as their guardian and will do anything to save them from the coming darkness.


Little Red Riding Hood, a well-known fairy tale, is a source of ideas for Scarlet. During the day, she is a master of speed and a skilled fighter who uses two daggers to kill her enemies.

But when night comes and the moon gets high, she changes into a terrifying werewolf, and her skills change to fit her new body. Scarlet is a force to be reckoned with both day and night. Her claws are very sharp, and she can move very quickly.


The game is based on the legendary story of “1001 Arabian Nights.” The game’s hero, Aladdin, fights against the Nightmares to save his wife from the curse of a magic lamp that has been tainted. Aladdin has deadly close-quarters fighting skills, and he can make a wish for money, life, or death to change the course of a battle.


Nyss, who got her name from the classic fairy tale “The Snow Queen,” has lost her ability to heal because of a cruel Nightmare attack.

But she still has a set of deadly powers that let her glide over the battlefield with ease and pierce her enemies with deadly accuracy. With her ice-cold attitude and fierce determination, Nyss is a force to be reckoned with in the fight against the Nightmares.

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