Rahul Roy Accident Update: Actor shares details of his brain stroke recovery

Rahul Roy who is best known for his iconic film Aashiqui, was recently seen in a film titled “Walk” inspired by the real-life events that happened during the Covid-19 when the whole country was suffering lockdown. During the promotion of his film “Walk”, actor Rahul Roy opened up about his health condition. He revealed that he suffered a brain stroke in 2020 during the pandemic. His shocking revelation of a brain stroke left his fans extremely worried and shocked. Meanwhile, rumors also sparked that Rahul Roy had an accident that caused him to stay away from the set of his upcoming films and projects. However, the actor only suffered a brain stroke while shooting for LAC: Live the Battle in Kargil. Let’s delve deep into the details and find out what happened to Rahul Roy.

Rahul Roy Accident

Was Rahul Roy Involved In an Accident?

Many of his fans have been perplexed and misled by the online rumors that Rahul Roy was involved in an accident. His accident rumors started swirling and circling on social media when the actor actually suffered a brain stroke while shooting for LAC: Live the Battle in Kargil. As a result of a brain stroke, the Aashiqui actor had to undergo angiography of the brain and heart. Even speech therapy, medical treatment, exercise, meditation, and a strict diet were also added by the doctors for his recovery.

According to Rahul Roy, the heaven angels almost knocked on his door but his loved ones’ prayers for his recovery paid off. During the promotion of his film Walk, actor Rahul Roy credited the director and team for their unwavering support in helping him overcome it. The actor also publicly spoke about his road to recovery when he expressed “Walk was challenging to shoot after my health setback.”

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Rahul Roy Suffered A Brain Stroke

Reportedly, the Aashiqui actor was shooting for LAC: Live the Battle in Kargil, in 2020 when a stroke targeted his brain. It was November 27, 2020, when the actor was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of Nanavati Hospital. Later, the actor was transferred to Wockhardt Hospital. Doctors at Wockhardt Hospital performed an angiography of Rahul Roy’s heart and brain.

The actor remained on bed rest for many months. Fortunately, Rahul Roy survived the brain stroke and recovered from it. His sister played a vital role in his recovery from a brain stroke.

How is Rahul Roy’s health condition in 2023?

Rahul Roy starrer Walk was released on April 9, 2023. It is directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta. On April 9, ‘Walk’ won the Best Feature Film Award at the Jammu Film Festival. It unfolds the story of migrant workers due to the coronavirus pandemic during the lockdown. In the film, Rahul Roy plays the role of a migrant worker who carries his deceased friend’s son more than 1,000 miles during the pandemic. The Aashiqui actor Rahul Roy further went on to thank the team and director of Walk, who helped him during the shooting of the film. He remarked that his road to recovery was a “Combination of medical treatment, speech therapy, and huge support from loved ones”. He continued that a disciplined routine involving diet, meditation, and exercise took time to prioritize his mental and physical well-being.

LAC: Live the Battle in Kargil, the actor’s previous project was forced to stop when the actor suffered a brain stroke. But now, Rahul Roy has come back to acting. He even explained his journey to recovery.

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Rahul Roy Thanked Sister Priyanka Roy

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Aashiqui actor Rahul Roy thanked his sister Priyanka Roy for being there for him during his recovery from a brain stroke. He fondly referred to his sister Priyanka Roy as “Hari Maa”. While expressing his gratitude toward his sister actor Rahul Roy also explained how his Hari Maa assisted him during the post-brain stroke period. He explained that his sister Priyanka Roy brought everything organic and healthy to his diet.

He took to Instagram to thank his sister. He wrote, “Going after a brain stroke, means a lot of precautions to stay healthy. My sister Hari Maa @priyanka_pia takes care of everything.” He further added, “Most importantly my food, so my daily diet is filled with everything organic and healthy.”

Rahul Roy Thanked Salman Khan

Actor Rahul Roy also thanked superstar Salman Khan for helping him in clearing the medical bills. He added that Salman Khan did not create any noise after helping him in paying the pending medical bills. According to Rahul Roy’s sister Priyanka Roy, she and her husband were finding it very difficult to arrange money for Rahul’s medical bills when Salman Khan came to the fore silently to clear the hospital bills. Rahul said, “The pending bill of the hospital was cleared by Salman in February. He called and asked if he could be of any help and he helped. I am very thankful to him,”