Quick Heal launches its latest version v24

A new version of the anti-virus Quick Heal has been launched by the Cybersecurity solutions provider. This time the company launched its Version 24 which has some advanced offers including cloud-based security platform and more. Since Quick Heal launched Version 24, it has been the topic of the town as everyone in the IT sector is looking forward to using the newly launched version of Quick Heal. This version reportedly, offers an on-the-go cloud-based security platform, which is for the first time. Along with an on-the-go cloud-based security platform, Quick Heal Version 24 also comes with YouTube content control, metaProtect, and Security and privacy Scores. Therefore, Quick Heal Version 24, is being considered as an ultimate solution for users who want security with simplicity. If you are interested in knowing more about this on-the-go security solution, stick with this page and go through this column till the end.

Quick Heal

All you need to know about Quick Heal Version 24

Quick Heal Version 24 is powered by GoDeep.AI technology. It is a self-aware malware-hunting innovation that advances protection against newly infected threats. Notably, it does not compromise the performance of the system. The CEO of Quick Heal Technologies, Vishal Salvi said, “Our YouTube Supervision feature enables content filtering based on various parameters ensuring that children can freely use the platform while assuring parents that they won’t be exposed to undesirable content. In addition, our security & privacy score functionality offers personalized assessments and actionable recommendations. With this, Quick Heal continues to establish new standards in digital protection, ensuring users across India and the world remain #DigitallySafe,”

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The Joint Managing Director of Quick Heal Technology, Sanjay Katkar also used the hashtag Digitally Safe after saying we are extremely proud to present v24, a much-needed product that simplifies complex realms of cybersecurity for the end users of all age groups. We are committed to continue transforming the cybersecurity landscape and raising the bar for the industry to emulate while keeping our users,

Quick Heal Version 24 Enhance System’s Security

As mentioned, it does not compromise the performance of the system while tackling the newly detected malware. Leveraging the expertise and capabilities of professionals at SEQRITE Labs with an experience of 30 years of detection prowess encompassing malware, ransomware, Zero Day vulnerability resolution, and the achievement of being the only to solve for the Expiro infector in the world and the largest malware analysis facility in India, Version 24 promises to keep your system safe and a step ahead of potential threats.

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