Punjab: Moga seizes 1,647 kg of suspected adulterated sweets

Breaking News: Moga has seized more than 1,600 suspected adulterated sweets. The Moga health department has seized 1,647 kg of suspected adulterated sweets and food items in Punjab ahead of Diwali 2023. This is one of the most shocking news of current time. This news is currently on the headlines of every Indian news channel. These food and sweet items were seized in Punjab on 7th November 2023, Tuesday. This news has sent shockwaves right now. Officials have claimed that these suspected sweets and food items were brought to Moga from Abohar and Jodhpur for processing. Now to learn everything about this case, read this article till the end.


On 7th November 2023, Tuesday in Punjab, the Moga health department seized a total of 1,647 kg of the suspected adulterated sweets and food products. This has come ahead of the occasion of Diwali which is on 12th November 2023, Sunday. As per the information given by officials, the suspected adulterated sweets and food items were brought to the Moga health department from Abohar and Jodhpur for processing. Regarding this case, Dr. Rajesh Attri, the Moga civil surgeon reached the Lakshmi Patisa factory on 7th November 2023, Tuesday at around 7:30 a.m. after he received the information about the adulterated sweets. To know more look at the the next paragraph of this article.

At the time of the raids which happened on Tuesday, the team recovered a total of 1,393 kilograms of the suspected adulterated milk cake and 255 kilograms of Khoya barfi from the factory in Moga. Sources have revealed that the samples of the suspected adulterated food and sweets products have been officially taken to the laboratory for the test and quality check. This action has been taken against the owner. The natives of Moga have been informed by the Civil Surgeon to take care of the quality at the time when purchasing candles and some other food products at the time of the occasion of Diwali 2023. Continue reading.

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On 4th November 2023, the Gujrat State Food and Drug Control Administration seized a total of 567 liters of adulterated ghee and a total of 3,849 kilograms of sweets after the the team raided two manufacturing units in the Banaskantha district worth more than Rs. 9.29 lakh. The adulterated ghee is worth Rs. 2.49 lakh and the sweets are worth Rs. 6.80 lakh. To analyze the movement of the officials, the owners of the sweets and food products have installed CCTV cameras 500 meters away from the premises. More details are to be shared very soon.

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