Prosus agrees to sell part of PayU to Rapyd for $610m

PayU, the online payments specialist owned by Naspers subsidiary Prosus, has recently announced its decision to sell its Global Payments Organisation (GPO) business for a staggering amount of US$ 610 million (R10.9-billion). This significant transaction comes as PayU looks to refocus its efforts and concentrate on the vast opportunities available in India, the most populous country in the world, where it holds the dominant position in the payments industry. With the Indian market presenting immense potential for growth and innovation, PayU’s strategic move aligns with its ambition to seize the fintech opportunity in this rapidly expanding economy.

Prosus agrees to sell part of PayU to Rapyd

As India’s leading payments service provider, PayU currently serves over 450,000 merchants and caters to two million credit customers. With a firm grasp on the local market, PayU is well-positioned to drive its growth and further expand its credit offering. By divesting its GPO business, PayU aims to double down on its operations within India, capitalizing on the country’s robust digital infrastructure and its status as one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world. This strategic realignment underscores the company’s strong belief in the potential of digital India and lays the foundation for the next phase of growth for PayU.

The sale of PayU’s GPO business will not affect its operations in India, Turkey, and Southeast Asia. Instead, it will provide the company with additional resources and financial flexibility to invest in its core markets. The revenue generated from this transaction is expected to be utilized by Prosus, the parent company of PayU, to reshape its e-commerce portfolio and prioritize investments in markets with the highest growth potential. This strategic reallocation of capital reflects Prosus’ proactive approach to navigating the dynamic landscape of the digital economy and positions it for future success.

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Furthermore, the sale of PayU’s GPO business presents an opportunity for Rapyd, a global fintech company, to extend its reach in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Latin America. This acquisition will not only provide Rapyd with access to PayU’s extensive merchant network but also grant them access to the underlying licensing and payment processing infrastructure, strengthening their capabilities in these regions.

With PayU’s dominant position in the Indian market, PayU is poised to capitalize on the country’s digital opportunities and rapidly expanding economy. This transaction will enable Prosus to reshape its e-commerce portfolio, while Rapyd will benefit from the acquisition by bolstering its capabilities and expanding its geographic reach. PayU’s strategic realignment sets the stage for continued innovation and growth in the ever-evolving digital payments landscape.

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