President Joe Biden’s GrandDaughter’s Car Break-In During Open Fire

Shock waves blew from Washington DC where some people tried to attack President Joe Biden’s granddaughter. Yes, you heard it right, the President of the United States Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden was protected by the United States Secret Service. Reportedly, agents of the United States Secret Service protected Biden’s granddaughter and opened fire following three people tried to break into an unmarked Secret Service vehicle in Washington. Since this incident took place, it has been making headlines leaving everyone stunned and shocked. Is Joe Biden’s granddaughter safe? Everything that is catering to your mind after hearing this incident, has been discussed in the following sections of this article. Swipe down the page.

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Reportedly, the incident happened late at night on Sunday when US Secret Service agents were out with Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden in Washington’s posh Georgetown neighborhood. The authorities explained that the open fire incident took place when the agents were out with Naomi Biden in the Georgetown neighborhood. The security agents who were with Naomi Biden saw three people breaking the window of the parked car. Continue reading this article till the end to learn more details.

The US Secret Service agents went on to encounter the three individuals who were breaking a window on a parked car that was unoccupied at that time. The spokesperson for the Presidential Protection Service agency, Anthony Guglielmi took to Twitter to post, “On Nov. 12 around 11:58 pm…, Secret Service agents encountered possibly three individuals breaking a window on a parked and unoccupied government vehicle,” In the statement, the Secret Service said that one of the agents opened fire during the encounter after which the three suspects suddenly fled the scene in a car. The officials confirmed that nobody got hurt during the open fire and there was no threat to anyone.

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Anthony Guglielmi further posted, “Our preliminary statement on the weapon discharge following a break-in to a Secret Service vehicle. Two to Three possible suspects fled the scene in a vehicle and a regional bulletin has been issued to supporting units. @DCPoliceDept are investigating the incident.” However, the Secret Security official did not confirm whether the agent who discharged the weapon was part of a detail to protect Naomi Biden. In addition, it was also not immediately clear if Naomi Biden was in the vicinity during the incident in the Georgetown area.

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