Politics: Who’s Afraid Of An All-India Caste X-Ray?

In this article, we are going to learn who is afraid of an all-India caste X-ray. It has been said that the politics of social justice have now held salience in India as an echo of the class struggle of leftist extraction. There is the biggest question regarding the general election is whether it might evoke the rush of fervor that has been spread where there is an upset at the 2024 hustings. There are some suggestions of the officials, that the way Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken the revolutionary way at first with the Hindu rallies. So exactly like the BJP, the opposition party should find the big issue so that it can raise power. Now read this entire article without missing any single line.


There are some expectations that the BJP might win the 2024 election. If BJP won that is going to be the third win of the party. The polls are not over till the ending vote gets counted. The pivotal best of India might depend on the vote shifts in the caste groups that are being classified as OBS which means Other Backward Classes. Some expectations have been raised by the Congress party and it has also allies for the caste census. Continue reading in the next paragraph.

The X-ray of the Indian people is going to lay bare the crisis of caste disparity. At this time, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh has taken the snapshot which looks to offer the voters to focus on the picture of having or not having the splits based on caste. On October 2, 2023, Nitish Kumar the minister for the Bihar government revealed the outline of the caste survey which was conducted by the conductors by going to the houses of the residents. In the caste survey, it is recorded that a total of 63%  are either OBC or Extremely Backward. Keep reading.

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On 7th November 2023, Tuesday, the state tabled the entire survey in the full socio-economic which found the assembly as the Indian politician Nitish Kumat is officially using this so that he can justify the policy which is now going up to 75% of the part as it is beyond the Supreme Court 50% cap. The state X-ray is looking like an, unlike the spark for the mass movement which may get raised to challenge the status. More details are to be shared very soon. So stay tuned to techballad.

Prakash Israni
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