Pokemon Incredible 3D Ancient Mew Card

The incredible talent and creativity of Pokemon fans never cease to amaze me. Recently, one such fan has showcased their skills by creating an astonishing 3D version of the Ancient Mew card from the acclaimed Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). This fan’s creation serves as a testament to the enduring beauty found within each card of the Pokemon TCG, and it allows us to further appreciate the remarkable artistry present in these collectible cards.


Over the years, the iconic visuals of the Pokemon TCG have served as a wellspring of inspiration for numerous artists and creators. The Pokemon Company itself continually fuels the flames of creativity with each new card release. As a result, the franchise’s community can anticipate a stream of increasingly captivating card designs in the future. This is particularly advantageous for creative enthusiasts who seek reference materials to create fan art, physical items, and even 3D products based on their favorite Pokemon cards.

3D Pokemon Card: Ancient Mew. Bringing the runes to life.
by u/Ultimate-lol in pokemon

Sharing their inaugural Pokemon TCG 3D art piece, Redditor Ultimate-lol presented a short video that showcased the intricacies of the Ancient Mew card from various angles. To achieve the impressive 3D effect, the artist utilized four separate Pokemon cards, ensuring that the final product was visually stunning. The artist also managed to retain the original’s eye-catching foil, which accentuates the golden colors and ancient symbols adorning the card. Additionally, Ultimate-lol focused on adding texture to the piece through engraving and hand-texturing, which can be observed in the stamping on the card’s reverse side.

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The response from fellow fans has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their admiration for Ultimate-lol’s accomplishment. Considering that this is the artist’s first Pokemon-themed 3D art piece, the level of praise is particularly impressive. One commenter on the Reddit thread shared their delight in the artist venturing into creating 3D pieces for the Pokemon TCG. It is worth noting that Ultimate-lol primarily focuses on crafting 3D works for the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game.

However, given the enthusiastic reception, their 3D rendition of the Ancient Mew card has received, it is quite possible that we will see more of their Pokemon-inspired creations in the future. It is only fitting that these future pieces, like their Ancient Mew card, will be shared for all Pokemon fans on the platform to enjoy. As the Pokemon franchise continues to evolve, fans can eagerly anticipate more breathtaking card designs and awe-inspiring fan creations in the years to come.

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