Pokémon Fan Art Depicts Rayquaza as a Non Legendary

A talented Pokemon enthusiast imagined how the magnificent cɼeature would appear as a non-legendary design for Rayquaza. Rayquaza looks good even as a non-legendary, as evidenced by the most recent fan art, even though many of the legendary pocket monsteɼs in the Pokemon series are renowned in part because of their designs.

Despite the fact that the series contains many legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza stands out for a number of reasons. Along with Groudon and Kyogre, it is one of the super-ancient Pokemon and the emblem of Pokemon Emerald.

As a member of this exclusive club, Rayquaza is a Dragon/Flying Pokemon with an imposing serpentine body that is primarily green with various accent colors. While many fans try to create artwork that is inspired by the massive scope of the Pokemon, one artist chose to do the reverse.

Pokémon Fan Art Depicts Rayquaza as a Non Legendary

A brilliant gamer by the name of rc1246 recently shared their interpretation of Rayquaza on Reddit. In this fan art, the Pokemon was depicted in a non-legendary form. Despite having less grandeur than the original and Mega evolution designs, the pocket monster’s new appearance is nevertheless remarkable.

The designer was able to incorporate many of Rayquaza’s iconic traits while also making their version of the design appear more tiny, albeit on a much smaller scale. For instance, the Pokemon in non-legendary form lacked the three claws on each hand and had smaller copies of the enormous protrusions on top of its head.

Its two body limbs were also smaller. The comparable green hue and the gold patterning that covered its slim frame were two of its many similarities. Scroll down to see the post:

I unlegendarified Rayquaza [OC]
by u/rc1246 in pokemon

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Many gamers have taken notice of rc1246’s claim that they “unlegendarized Rayquaza” after they posted the image to Reddit. In just a few hours, more than 1.3K individuals have upvoted the design, and many fans have commented on the Pokemon’s new appearance.

A mechanism that allows players to create non-legendary versions of legendary Pokemon, according to some users, could be fascinating to include in upcoming games in the series. A few people also observed that Dreepy, another Dragon-type Pokemon, may have had an impact on Rayquaza’s new look.

It is important to note that there are other Pokemon fan art pieces online besides this “unlegendarized” Rayquaza. Since the Pokemon is well-known in the community, additional admirers have recently produced works of art that incorporate the fabled animal.

For instance, another gamer created a Rayquaza cabinet out of wood to store their Pokemon cards in the past. However, rc1246’s artwork stands out due to its original approach.

See the following for further information on Pokemon that we haven’t already covered:

It will be fascinating to see whether rc1246 decides to create other non-legendary versions of legendary Pokemon after finishing this new form of Rayquaza. There are many of choices, but it could be interesting to see the other two extremely old Pokemon transformed into non-legendaries. Whatever happens, it will be intriguing to see what they come up with next.

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