PM Netanyahu threatens, ‘Hamas will pay the price, and remember…’

The war between Israel vs. Hamas is now going on another level. On this, the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu has said that the Hama is going to pay the price and he has also given a big warning to Hamas. This ongoing war has taken a life of many people. Hamash did a surprise attack on Israel on 7th October 2023, Saturday. They did a big attack with rockets which took the lives of more than 250 people and destroyed many things. It has been said that Iran and Hamas joined hands with each other to attack Israel. After the attack by Hamas, Israel also announced a war. Israel also attacked on Haman location in Gaza where many people died which also including many children. And now the PM of Israel has given a big warning to Hamas. Read to know everything about the recent warning.

Benjamin Netanyahu

regarding the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. So the situation in the Middle East is very bad right now. So now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given a big warning to the Hamas. He said that now Hamas has to pay the price and it is going to be remembered the same for a long time. he also said that though Israel did not start this war Israel is going to finish it.

This war is not going to be easy at all. The Israeli Prime Minister also addressed that Israel is at war. They did not want this war, it was forced on them and now it is brutal and savage way. But now Israel did not start this war but Israel is going to end this war. And on this warning, Hamas has said that the Hamas is going to understand that by attacking us but they have made a big mistake. And Hamas is going to pay the exact price which is going to be remembered by them and also Israel’s enemies for decades to come.

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He also added that the plight of those taken hostage is saying that the attacks that Hamas perpetrated against some innocent Israelis are mindboggling. They massacred hundreds of people at the outdoor festival and kidnapped scores of women and children. The terrorists of Hamas are bound executed, and burned the children. And the PM of Israel said that Israel is not just fighting for their country and people they are fighting for every single country that stands against barbarism.

Prakash Israni
Prakash Israni

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