PM Modi to launch ‘Sankalp Saptaah’ aims to improve governance at block level

Finally, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is now all set to launch Sankalp Saptaah. Sankalp Saptaah is going to be launched on 30th September 2023, Saturday which means today. The motive for launching Sankalp Saptaah is to improve the governance at block level. It is a long week program for aspirational blocks so that it can help in improving the governance and it also helps in living a quality of life. And you know what the best part is it has been already launched at 10:00 am Indian Standard Time (IST) today. To know everything about this Sankalp read this article till the end.

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Sankalp Saptaah Launch Today

The PM of India Narendra Modi has now launched Sankalp Saptaah at 10:00 am on 30th September 2023, Saturday. It has been officially launched at Bharat Mandapam. This has been launched for aspirational blocks in the country, this is a long-week program. This is one of the greatest news of current time. This Sankalp is really going to help in the improvement of the quality of life and it will also help in the the improvement of governance. To know exactly what is Sankalp Saptaah, scroll down to the next paragraph of this article and learn everything about it.

What is Sankalp Saptaah?

Sankalp Saptaah is a new program that has been officially launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. It is linked to the effective implementation of the Aspirational Blocks Programme (ABP), which was a program which was launched nationwide by Narendra Modi on 7th January 2023. According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the Sankalp Saptaah is going to help in the improvement of governance at the block level in order to check the quality of life of citizens. The Sankalp Saptaah has been set up in 500 aspirational blocks across 329 districts in India.

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Benefits of Sankalp Saptaah

The biggest benefit of Sankalp Saptaah is that it is going to improve the quality of life. It is going to be implanted in the Sankalp Saptaah in the aspirational blocks program. It is going to prepare a good and effective block development strategy. The chintan shivers are going to be organized at the village and block levels are across the country. It is just dedicated to a specific development theme that is going to work in all the aspirational blocks. It has been launched today but it is going to start from 3rd October 2023 to 9th October 2023.

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