PM Benjamin Netanyahu still sees peace deal with Saudi Arabia after Gaza attack

Today is day number 35 of the Israel vs. Hamas war. This war has now been officially entered into its 35 days. This war was started on 7th October 2023 and today is 10th October 2023. As 34 days have passed, still there is no cold moment in this war. Even after many days the PM of Israel still sees a place deal with Saudi Arabia after the Gaza attack. Israel has now officially allowed the daily humanitarian pause in Gaza combat operations. But the country has now sought to occupy or govern Gaza after a war got started against Hamas. To learn about the 10 new updates regarding the Israel vs. Hamas war.

Benjamin Netanyahu

On 9th November 2023, Thursday, the President of the US, Joe Bodien claimed that now Israel has officially announced a 4-hour pause on humanitarian every single day in the combat operation which is happening in northern Gaza so that it can allow civilians to fly to south Gaza. Now if we look at the 10 new updates regarding war the first update is that yesterday the PM of Israel stated that Israel never sought to conquer, occupy, or govern Gaza after the war against the Hamas group but yes there is credible war which is needed so that they can enter in Palestinian enclave. Continue reading to learn more updates.

Washington D.C. has recently stated that it was opposed to Israeli post-war occupation in Gaza. Currently. Israel has a great wage so that they can destroy the entire Hamas. As per the sources, Because of the Israeli bomb attack on Gaza, more than 10,800m Palestine residents have lost their lives and the humanitarian catastrophe has officially unfolded the supplies run which can help the people who have gone injured. Now the US has officially conducted a self-defense airstrike in eastern Syria against the facility which is used by the Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and some affiliated groups.

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Israel has now agreed to a deal. the deal is to put in place a four-hour daily pause in the Hamintariam in the assault on Hamas in northern Gaza. Now to evacuate from Gaza strips into Egypt for the foreign passport holders and Palestinians, they need medical treatment which is resumed by the Rafah. According to Rafah, the evacuation from Gaza by Rafah has started on 1st November 2023. Yesterday, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs reiterated the demand for the resumption of direct peace negotiations.

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