Players of Lost Ark Have Perished a Total of 1,672,050,487 Times Up to This Point

In honor of the one-year anniversary of Amazon Games’ Lost Ark, the developer has released an infographic showing how Heroes of Arkesia have spent their time in that period.

“From the first Mokoko Seed found to the first Legion Raid clear to DatModz’s Brelshaza cosplay and everything in between, there have been an immeasurable number of adventures in Lost Ark and throughout the Lost Ark community,” the team said. “While we can’t quantify every journey that’s occurred this year, here’s a few fun ones from Lost Ark’s first year in the West!”

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At a glance, it appears that players were killed by Guardians more often than they were killed by other players, with 1,672,050,487 player deaths compared to 99,281,741 Guardian deaths throughout almost seven million hours of broadcast time and 313,296,910 hours of viewership on Twitch.

Players of Lost Ark Have Perished a Total of 1,672,050,487 Times Up to This Point
Players of Lost Ark Have Perished a Total of 1,672,050,487 Times Up to This Point

Additionally, there is. Players amassed a total of 30,628,545 Island Souls, 734,653,166 Mokoko Seeds, and 8,095,963,578 mounts. What about player-versus-player? There were 16,294,441 PvP battles played, with a total of 192,894,473 kills and 29,695,327,291,260 damage done.

The occasion is accompanied with a unique Twitch Drop, so from now until February 27th, 2023, broadcasters in the Lost Ark Creator Program can activate a new Twitch Drop that includes a Traditional Punikan Clothing Selection Chest, a 1st Anniversary Headband Selection Chest, and 1,000 Amethyst Shards.

After being on guard for four hours and receiving the first drop, you can remain on duty for an additional four hours to receive the Traditional Punikan Clothing Selection Chest.

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“The past year has been chock full of new content, exciting moments, and rage honing – and it’s only the beginning,” the team teases. “2023 will feature new classes, new continents, new Legion Raids, community celebrations, and more. We’re so grateful for all of you who have joined us on the start of this adventure and we’re excited about the long future ahead!”

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