Piyush Kumar, Regional Director, IDP Education ”There is no cause for alarm now but students should stay vigilant”

Recently in a statement Regional Director Piyush Kumar said a very big thing that has given a big relief but still, he said something that has also given a big shock to students. He has stated that there is no cause for the alarm now but students should still stay vigilant. As we all see that currently there are some serious concerns between India and Canada. The governments of both countries are clashing with each other as Canada has recently blamed India as Canada is saying that India has some connection in the death of the Khailistani terrorist. But India has clearly denied this allegation and has given a solid reply. Because of that, the relationship between Canada and India is really serious right now. Continue reading till last.

Piyush Kumar

As of this heated conversation between Canada and India, the Indian people who live in Canada and Indian students who are studying in Canada are really worried. Currently, Canada is ranking high on the list of the preferred destinations for Indian students who are doing international studies. Most of the students came to Canada for their studies. As per the data from Immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), almost 225,940 study permits have been issued till now to Indian students just in 2022.

Many Indian students come to Canada for studies as this is one of the most affordable countries for Indian people. The minimum fee for studies in Canada is 12,000 Canadian dollars as compared to other countries. Now the Indian students who study in Canada are really worried and scared because of the heated conversation between Canada and India. So by focusing on that the Regional Director, South Asia and Mauritius, IDP Education, Piyush Kumar claimed in an interview that he knows a lot of students and their parents are scared about the education in Canada right now. Scroll down.

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Piyush Kumar said, There is nothing to worry about for the people who live in Canada but for safety, the Indian students who are studying in Canada should stay vigilant. Nobody what happens to someone time so everybody takes care but they are going to look at the safety of the students. He also said that now the Indian students who are planning to go to Canada for studies should stop for some time till this heated argument goes cool. And the people who have already issued the visa for Canada are on break right now. the visa is going to be issued after 2-3 weeks.

Prakash Israni
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