Phil Spencer On Activision Agreement and Xbox’s Exclusive Games Policy

In a new interview, Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, talked about why the company bought Activision Blizzard and how the company handles exclusive consoles.

Phil Spencer told XboxOn that Xbox is focused on the show in June, but that other news is on the way. Spencer also said that Everwild is still being made by the company Rare.

When asked about the response to the Activision Blizzard acquisition, Spencer said –

“For the Xbox community, there’s a lot of anticipation… for the industry, and I think this is right, there’s questions about, well, what does this mean… how is this going to affect competition?”

Some popular game topics that you might find interesting have also been addressed:

He said again that the main reason Activision Blizzard was bought was not Call of Duty, but rather to build up the company’s mobile games.

“[Mobile] is the largest gaming platform on the planet…for us, the logic really started from how do we gain more capability on mobile?”

He said something about Call of Duty. He said –

“we want to increase the places where people can play Call of Duty. Kind of like Minecraft.”

He also said that some Call of Duty modes or skins will not be exclusive to Xbox. Xbox will keep making and promoting its own games, though.

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Spencer specifically addressed Starfield, saying that –

“I don’t think I ever said that Starfield was not going to be exclusive to Xbox… I think what I said is that we are going to take it on a case-by-case basis. We’re not going to pull games that are on other platforms.”

Spencer also said that he thinks artificial intelligence will be a good thing for gaming in the future.

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