Pharmaceutical Sector Led H1 FY24 In Raising Money

According to the reports, during the H1 FY24, the new IPO heightened their collections as the collection reached Rs 5380.6 crore which is almost 13 percent growth (YoY). Meanwhile, the performance in sales can be attributed to the sales volume of 10.7 million sq ft. depicting an increase of 30 percent YoY. The charts have been depicting the new IPO highs of H1 FY24. Reportedly, as many as 31 main-board IPOs ended by raising Rs 26,300 crore by September month after six months. Notably, the Pharmaceutical sector added the highest share in raising money in H1 FY24. What is the leading Pharmaceutical company that raised the highest money during the H1 FY24? You need to go through this article till the end to know everything about H1 FY24’s highest share in terms of money raised. Scroll down the page and take a peek below.


Last week, released data that showed an average of five IPOs (initial public offerings) during the first half of the financial year flooded the primary market per month at a record high in at least a decade. In the 6 months, the first half of the financial year that ended in September, the 31 main-board IPOs raised Rs  26,300 crore. However, this figure was 26 percent lower since the same period last year, it was up 76 percent if the monumental offering from Life Insurance Corporation of India (May 2022) is not included. Swipe down the page and read more details.

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Moreover, in the past decade, it was the highest number of issues for any six-month period. Notably, most number of issues came in just two months, August and September. Talking about the raised money, the Pharmaceutical sector contributed the largest share in terms of money. Mankind Pharma was the leading pharmaceutical company in terms of money raised during the first half of the current financial year. Shift to the next section and read which project hit an all-time high on BSE after achieving record-breaking sales in the second quarter of the current financial year.

Prestige Estates Projects jumped 4.6 percent taking it to Rs 699 on Monday trade on BSE after the company registered record-breaking sales in Q2FY24. Reportedly, Prestige Estates Projects witnessed sales of Rs 7,092.6 crore with a growth of 102 percent YoY while the quarterly collections amounted to Rs 2,639.8 crore showing 1% YoY growth. The sales volume of the quarter reached 6.84 million sq ft. marking a 50% YoY growth. Stay tuned.

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