OpenAI allows users to create their own ChatGPT versions

Now people are not required to do coding. Now OpenAI is allowing people to create their own ChatGPT versions. Open AI is currently making the custom version of the chatbot, ChatGPT which is known as GPTs. This is going to allow the users to create a tailored version of ChatGPT as per their preference. OpenAI is launching the GPT store so that people can monetize and build their own ChatGPT. This is one of the biggest news in the world of AI right now. For some, this is pretty amazing and for some, this is not good as per the reviews of users. Now to know how this works, read this article till the end and do not miss any single line if you want to know about the correct information.


The biggest AI company of the current time OpenAI is now presenting a new amazing store. As we all know OpenAi is the company that is behind the generative AI tool ChatGPT. But now they have given an offer to people, it is not a proper offer but it can be described as a new feature. It has launched a new feature in which users can generate their own ChatGPT as per their needs. Scroll down to learn about it.

OpenAI has claimed that now the users can create their own ChatGPT and their own ChatGPT is going to known as GPTs and it is going to be according to the preference of the individual. OpenAI has also announced that they are going to launch the GPT story at the end of this month. GPT store is going to help people in monetizing their offerings. OpenAi has said that since the time ChatGPT was launched, users have been asking for a feature so that they can use it as per their specifications. So now they have launched this new feature so that people can do whatever they want to do with the help of GPTs. Scroll on to learn more.

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OpenAI has also said that the company is rolling out a custom version of ChatGPT, and because of that user can make their GPT as per their needs. The specified version is going to be known as GPTs. OpenAI has also said that the GPTs are completely a new way for people so they can create a tailored version of the ChatGPT so that it can help in their daily basis life. This can help people learn the rules of any board game, or it can design tickets, and it can also help you to teach kids maths. The GPTs can do many things like coding and many more things. You can do anything with this new technology.

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