OnePlus India Pricing Tipped Ahead Of Launch

There is good news for Android mobile phone users. It is being told, once again the Oneplus company has recently shared information about the new phone on the Internet. People are very excited to know the features of this new phone. From searching for the price of this phone on the internet, people want to know the camera quality and other types of information. So let’s start today’s article without any delay.


The smartphone market is abuzz with anticipation as OnePlus prepares to launch its first-ever foldable smartphone, known as the OnePlus Open. Set to join the ranks of other brands offering foldable devices, OnePlus is generating excitement among tech enthusiasts. While an official announcement is yet to be made, recent leaks have unveiled the potential pricing for the OnePlus Open in India.

Renowned tipster Yogesh Brar recently took to Twitter to share a comprehensive list of OnePlus smartphones along with their respective prices. In his tweet, Brar emphasized that OnePlus has an incredibly strong lineup this year, which includes the Nord CE 3 Lite priced at 20,000 INR, the Nord CE 3 at 30,000 INR, the Nord 3 at 40,000 INR, the OnePlus 11R at 50,000 INR, and the OnePlus 11 at 60,000 INR. Interestingly, the list also included the highly anticipated OnePlus Open, even though it has not yet been unveiled.

According to Brar’s leak, the OnePlus Open is expected to launch in India at a price below 1.2 lakhs INR. This price point will position it just below the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, a comparable foldable phone in the market. However, it is important to note that this leak lacks specific details regarding the OnePlus Open’s features and specifications.

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While OnePlus has not officially launched the device or disclosed any pricing details, this leak offers some insight into the potential cost of the OnePlus Open. It is pertinent to mention that the launch of this foldable phone was initially projected for this month, but there might be delays due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, enthusiasts and consumers are eagerly awaiting further updates on the OnePlus Open’s release.

The OnePlus Open is gearing up to make an impactful entry into the foldable smartphone market. With its anticipated pricing falling below 1.2 lakhs INR, the OnePlus Open aims to rival the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and other foldable devices. As the launch date approaches, tech enthusiasts and OnePlus fans eagerly await further announcements from the company.

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