OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooling Accessory For Phone Launched In China: Oneplus Liquid Cooler Review

The mobile phone industry is constantly evolving, with manufacturers pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide consumers with cutting-edge devices. OnePlus, known for its revolutionary smartphones, has once again raised the bar with the launch of its 45W Liquid-Cooled Magnetic Wireless Charging Cooler. Priced at 549 yuan ($76), this accessory claims to reduce temperatures by up to 34°C at idle, making it a game-changer in the cooling technology industry.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooling Accessory

What sets the OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooling Accessory apart is its unique and magnetic design. Weighing a mere 73g and measuring just 12mm thin, this lightweight cooler supports 10W magnetic wireless charging. While wireless charging capabilities are becoming more common in the market, OnePlus takes it a step further by integrating an innovative liquid-cooling system, offering 50 times higher convective heat transfer efficiency compared to traditional air-cooling methods.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooling Accessory For Phone

Several key components contribute to the enhanced cooling efficiency of the OnePlus cooler. These include a liquid cooling plate, a Hall sensor, a TEC cooling plate, a thermal conductive silicone pad, and a high-performance water pump. Together, these elements work in harmony to dissipate heat more effectively, keeping the device’s temperature at optimal levels even during heavy usage.

One of the standout features of the OnePlus cooler is its low noise level. At just 24dB, it provides a whisper-quiet cooling experience, ensuring minimal disturbance while in use. Additionally, the design of the cooler focuses on generating minimal hot airflow, enabling a hands-free cooling experience.

To ensure maximum safety and efficiency, OnePlus has implemented triple condensation water protection in the cooler. This feature addresses potential issues, such as condensation within the device due to excessive cooling or obstructions in the water pipe or fan. In such circumstances, the cooler instantly enters a protection state, safeguarding both the device and the user.

It is worth noting that the OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooling Accessory builds upon a previous model released in April. However, this new iteration boasts a significant addition, the magnetic charging functionality. This upgrade allows for expanded compatibility with a wide range of devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and even the Nintendo Switch.

The OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooling Accessory represents a groundbreaking advancement in cooling technology. With its magnetic, lightweight design and exceptional cooling capabilities, it stands at the forefront of innovation in the industry. OnePlus continues to deliver products that enhance user experience and offer exceptional value for money. Keep checking back with us for more fascinating developments.