Oil India Plans Green Hydrogen Valley Fora

Recently, in an interview, the OIL CMD Ranjit Rath announced that the company has now partnership with the IIT Guwahati to set up the Green Hydrogen Valley in the northeast and they are also in a talk with the IIT Bhubaneshwar for other projects like this in Odisha. This has been recently announced and it has turned out as really great and surprising news. This is really a great decision by Oil India Ltd (OIL). He has claimed many more things which he is going to do in the upcoming time. So now take your time and read this entire article without missing anything to learn everything.

Oil India Plans

The Oil India Ltd (OIL), chairman and managing director (CMD) Ranjit Rath stated that Oil India Ltd is looking forward to investing in the range of clean energy sectors. The company is planning to set up the green hydrogen valleys while they explore the geothermal potential in Himachal Pradesh. In a recent interview, CMD Ranjit Rath claimed that the OIL is now partnering up with the IIT Guwahati which is now going to set up the green hydrogen valley in the northeast and they are also having conversations with the IIT Bhubaneshwar for a similar project in Odisha. Continue reading.

The OIL CMD Rajit Rath also claimed that he is in the conventional exploration and production (E&P) business the company is now eyeing deeper drilling and they are exploring right now with big plans so that they can reach 6,500 meters. Some people on social media have raised some questions as one person has asked how many active work programmes are currently underway. So according to the source, Currently the company has 20 OALP blocks and around 60,000 square kilometers of area which is available. And at this time the company had almost 5,000 square kilometers of mining lease which is in the northeastern part of India.

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As per the reports, at this time Oil India is planning to drill the deep wells. They are looking for almost 3,000 to 4,000 meter depth. And now the company is looking for a 6,500-meter depth. As per the attempt till now the company has gone to 5,900 meters. The company also has an array of drilling wells which is currently in a waiting period to get drilled with some extended reach drilling in the area. The plan of the company is to drill almost 70 to 75 wells every single year now. Stay tuned to Techballad.

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