Novo Nordisk Pays $25.8 Million To Promote Obesity Drug

Breaking News: Novo Nordisk has paid $25.8 million. The company has paid this much amount to promote its obesity drug. The company is currently aiming to reach 764 million obese people in the entire world with the weight loss product Wegovy. At the time of his address, Dr. Lee Kaplan requested doctors to use their prediction pads to fight against the obesity crisis. This request was made on 1st December 2023, Friday which means yesterday. Paying $25.8 million to promote its obesity drug, is a very big decision made by the company. To know about the entire details, read this article till the end.

Novo Nordisk

On 1st December 2023, Friday, it was officially announced that Novo Nordisk paid a total of $25.8 million to promote its obesity drug. So on this news, Dr. Lee Kaplan has urged other doctors to use their prescription pads to fight against the obesity crisis. According to the source, the Boston area hotel has officially hosted an annual obesity course. In this course, almost 400 doctors have said that exercise and diet have been failing for a very long time. Dr. Lee Kaplan is a leading US weight loss specialist, he has even claimed that turning to new weight loss medicines exactly like Novo Nordisk Wegovy to reduce obesity.

It has been claimed that like diabetes and high blood pressure, Dr. Lee Kaplan said that obesity is a problem that should be treated very aggressively but carefully also with a lifelong prescription. They are going to have to use the medications. Reports reveal that Novo Nordisk’s financial ambitions for Wegoy have now aligned with the Kaplan solution to America’s obesity issues. Novo Nordisk is the biggest weight loss firm from Denmark which is a specialist in transforming itself from one known for diabetes medicines to one known for weight loss products.

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As per the reports given by Novo Nordisk, the company is aiming to reach at least 764 million people who are obese in the entire world. There is a large majority of Americans are obese or they are overweight. They are going to make it one of the most lucrative regions for the entire company. It has been claimed that the drugs are priced at the highest levels in the United States but on the other hand two-thirds of the adults are obese or they are overweight. The company has revealed in its report that the weekly injections are going to be charged by Novo at $1,300 per month for customers in the United States.

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