Who are Nordahl Lelandais Parents? Mother and Father

Nordahl Lelandais, we all have often listened to this name. This name has been in the headlines many times. And now again this name is in the center of the spotlight. So Nordahl is a child killer and former soldier. He has been involved in some high-profile criminal cases and he is also involved in sexual assault cases on minors. Currently, his name is in the talks, and because of that internet users are really concerned to know about Nordahl Lelandais’s parents. People want to know the details of his family. So we have gathered some information about him and his family. So to know everything about the criminal read this article till the end.

Nordahl Lelandais

Who is Nordahl Lelandais?

Nordahl Lelandais is a French person who often comes into the spotlight. He is a child killer and an ex-soldier. He was born on 18th February 1983 in Boulogne-Billancourt. He is accused in the charge of several murders and sexual assaults on minors who were under 15 years old. As of 2023, he is 40 years old. He was arrested on 30th August 2017. For almost 1 year he denied the arrest charge and on 14 February 2018, he accepted that he had done several murders. Since his arrest, his name has been at the top of crimes.

Nordahl Lelandais was involved in some high-profile kidnapping and murder cases of Maelys de Araujo, who was an 8.5-year-old girl. His shocking crimes have sent shockwaves. And Nordahl was also charged in the case of the assassination of Corporal Arthur Noyer who was a 23-year-old French soldier. Because of his crimes, his name is viral on the internet. His crimes have raised the question of public safety, criminal justice, and a mental health support system in France. Till now it is not clear why he committed all those crimes.

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Nordahl Lelandais Parents

Many people on social media are curious to learn what is going on with Nordahl Lelandais’s parents as their son is behind bars and has committed such horrific crimes. His father’s name is Jean-Pierre Lelandais and his mother’s name is Christiane Lelandais. They have been badly affected by all these scenes that happened with their son. They are under the public eye. They have also struggling with a very bad face since 2017. Since the arrest of their son, they have been in the spotlight. They have not given any statement.

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