Nomura Holdings Inc targets $100m cost reductions in banking division

Breaking News: Nomura is now targeting an additional $100 million in cost reductions in the wholesale banking division. The company is currently aiming for an additional $100 million in cost reduction in the entire banking division. It is going to happen because now Japan’s biggest brokerage is seeking to lift the performance. This is one of the biggest news in the market right as per the market experts. Now to learn everything about this reduction news. Check out this entire article and learn every single detail of this topic.


According to market experts. now Nomura Holdings Inc. is targeting an additional $100 million in cost reduction in the wholesale banking division because currently Japan’s biggest brokerage is seeking to uplift its performance. As per Chief Executive Officer Kentaro Okuda, progress is the biggest key decision to its earnings which is targeting it significantly behind. It has also been claimed that presentation for the Institutional investors at the firm annual investment forum. At this time the international business is slow there as it needs help from the robust performance in Japan. Okuda has also added that they are trying to revitalize Nomura Holdings Inc. after the profit fell in the first three years in the office. So it has been weighed by the overseas losses.

Nomura Holdings Inc. has taken some steps. These steps are taken to improve the results abroad as they are going to expand in the $1.6 trillion global private lending market to hire traders in the Middle East when they cut Jobs in China. This decision is going to follow the steps of the announcement half a year ago of the cost reduction and also going to abroad the business which is going to review as currently, Okuda is looking to earn great returns of equity of 8% to 10%. It is main profit measures which fell in the last year to less than a half those levels.

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It has been reported that in May 2023, the company combined the pretax profit goal for the retail, investment, and wholesale management divisions to a total of $1.96 billion for the year ending March 2025. It will happen from the last target of 390 billion yen which pointed to the changing macroeconomic environment. As per the source, the division is currently targeting to earn around 130 billion yen between 160 to 180 billion yen. It has been claimed that the division is generating around half of Nomura Holding Inc.’s entire revenue as also the house market traders, investment bankers, and international wealth managers.

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