Nobel Prize Winner Poet Louise Gluck passes away at the age of 80

It is with utmost pain and sorrow that we share the death news of Louise Gluck, an American poet. She was a celebrated novelist and poet who also received a Nobel Prize in Literature. As far as we know, Louise Gluck was conferred with a Nobel Prize in Literature in 2020. Today, we are unfortunately conveying her death news, that’s the way a cookie crumbles. According to the reports, Louise Gluck was pronounced dead by her media representatives. Since this broke out it has been trending on all the social platforms including X formerly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where her admirers have been expressing their sorrow and mourning her passing. Some are seeking details of Louise Gluck’s cause of death and illness. Let’s delve deep into the details and learn more details.

Louise Gluck

The Swedish Academy that conferred Louise Gluck with a Nobel Prize in Literature, celebrated her life and lauded her poetry for its unreserved examination of family and childhood as she used a distinct and simple beauty in it. Louise Gluck’s poems were usually concise and less than a single page in length. The Academy also cited that she had similarities with Emily Dickinson, a 19th-century American Poet, she bore from him “severity and unwillingness to accept simple tenets of faith.”

For the unversed, Louise Gluck published a total of 12 poetry collections along with numerous essay volumes during her career. While mourning Gluck’s death Kevin Sessums wrote, “I keep her collection of poems from 1962-2020 by my bed here in London where each morning I turn to a random page to read a poem by her as part of my morning prayers and acknowledgments and meditations. When I got back to my room tonight after hearing of her death I went straight to her collection. I was about to turn to a random page but this dogeared one was ready for me. I don’t remember folding down this corner but I must have because she knew I would need to find this poem of hers tonight. Rest In peace. My morning readings especially tomorrow will be even more significant to me now.”

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Louise Gluck hailed from New York, USA. She became the 16th woman to achieve the feat of being awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature. Talking about her cause of death, Jonathan Galassi who is Louise Gluck’s editor at Farrar, Straus & Giroux, omitted her cause of death in the statement. Stay tuned.

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