Nintendo Hits Huge Breath of the Wild Youtuber After Multiplayer Mode

On April 4, speedrunner and YouTuber Eric “PointCrow” Morino published a fresh multiplayer mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It turns the popular Switch game from 2017 into a contemporary open-world remake of the cherished co-op Zelda spin-off Four Swords Adventures.

A few days later, according to Morino, Nintendo accused him of violating Nintendo’s copyright, which resulted in the demonetization of several of his most popular YouTube videos. He tweeted on April 6:

Morino also shared a screencap of several of his YouTube videos, including ones featuring gameplay footage from the multiplayer mod, showing they’d been flagged for copyright issues. A request for comment from Nintendo did not immediately receive a response.

Publishers assert they have complete ownership and control over video content created for their games. However, they rarely take legal action against YouTubers and other content producers who share their creations online and may profit from them.

Nintendo Hits Huge Breath of the Wild Youtuber After Multiplayer Mode
Nintendo Hits Huge Breath of the Wild Youtuber After Multiplayer Mode

Most businesses make a special effort to encourage sharing gameplay videos and pictures from their games to raise exposure, boost sales, and build a loyal following. Yet Nintendo is one firm that frequently responds strongly to social media content about fan creations and mods.

The Switch manufacturer attempted to get a YouTube documentary about a failed pitch for a Zelda tactics spin-off removed from Google’s platform in the latter part of last year. In the end, the inventors were successful in appealing the ruling and having it overturned. Several other big content creators chimed in in response to Morino’s post. Wrote Kitty plays (According to Yahoo)

“Not good for them considering they’re releasing a new game soon and many content creators will popularize it even more and may choose not to create videos around it. Nintendo detected fans having fun and they can’t have that,” wrote LostPause. “This is sad given how much love and effort you given them and botw.”

Breath of the Wild is the fourth best-selling game on the Switch and has endured years after its debut partly because of the fresh discoveries, techniques, and tricks performed by individuals like Morino.

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In addition to the recent multiplayer mod, he has attracted millions of extra viewers to the game with bizarre runs like having Link grow larger each time the A button is pressed or attempting to complete the game. In contrast, the hardest randomizer mode and the extremely challenging, map-changing Relics of the Past mod are both active.

Morino didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment but tweeted that he’s currently appealing the decision with YouTube, He wrote:

“As of now, [the videos are still visible for you to watch—however, they are not monetized. Hopefully Nintendo releases these claims, as I significantly transform their work and my videos are under fair use.”

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