NFL: Jordan Love Tattoo Design And Meaning Explained

Jordan Love is the most trending person online at this time. His name is currently heavily searched by people. He is an American football quarterback. he is in the spotlight right now because of his recent football match. Since his name was in the spotlight, many people have become interested to know about Jordan Love’s tattoo. He has a brilliant tattoo. He has a brilliant tattoo work on his left arm which has gained the attention of many people. many people are interested to know about his tattoo. people are interested to know about the meaning of his tattoo. Now in this article, we are going to discuss the tattoo of a famous football player. So read this article carefully.

Jordan Love Tattoo
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Who is Jordan Love?

Jordan Love is an American football quarterback. He plays for the Green Bay Packers. His full name is Jordan Alexander Love. He was born on 2nd November 1998 in Bakersfield, California, United States. His height is 6 feet 4 inches and his current weight is 99 kg. He started his football journey in his early days as he used to play football college at Utah State where in 2018 New Mexico Bowl as the MVP. Before college, he attended Liberty High School which is located in Bakersfield, California.

Jordan Love’s family life has been very tough for him as his father’s name was Orbin Jr. His father was a police officer for the Bakersfield Police Department. When Jordan was 14 years old his father committed suicide. Since then life of Jordan took a big turn and his life became very tough. He almost quit playing football but his mother encouraged him to continue playing football. The name of his mother has not been disclosed yet. Scroll down to learn about the details of his tattoo.

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Jordan Love Tattoo: Meaning Explained

First, learn how many tattoos Jordan Love has. So he has only one tattoo which is inked on his entire left arm. His tattoo is really attractive and it catches public attention very quickly. The tattoo features a skull, a rose, a lion, and a clock which reflects the essence of life’s journey. This tattoo describes the value of cherishing every single moment. The lion is known for its strength. A clock represents the significance of time and the value of giving effort. Rose describes love and beauty and the skull represents mortality and human existence.

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