Who is Adela Calin? Selfie girl rapped by Miranda Lambert during live concerts

Adela Calin is the woman who found herself in the midst of a controversy during a recent Miranda Lambert concert in Las Vegas. Alongside five other fans, she was scolded by Lambert for taking photos during the show. This unexpected encounter has led Adela Calin to vow to boycott all future performances by the country singer. But who is Adela Calin, and what led her to make such a strong statement?

Adela Calin

Who is Adela Calin?

Adela Calin, in her appearance on TMZ Live, defended herself and her friends, offering a different perspective on the incident. She emphasized that most fans have misconceptions about their intentions and that they were not being rude or disruptive. According to Calin, their photo session lasted a mere 30 seconds and did not block anyone’s view, as their seats were positioned lower than others.

When Miranda Lambert halted her performance to call out the group of women, Calin recounts feeling shocked. She likened Lambert’s behavior to that of a school teacher talking down to her students, a comparison that did not sit well with her. Calin expressed her disappointment, feeling unfairly portrayed as young, immature, and vain. She shared that their only intention was to capture a moment together, much like any other group of friends meeting their favorite artist.

This incident has had a profound impact on Adela Calin, leading her to pledge that she will never purchase another ticket to a Miranda Lambert concert. Calin’s experience shows up the power that artists hold over their fans and the influence their words and actions can have. Lambert’s scolding has had lasting effects, leaving Calin feeling disheartened about the way she and her friends were treated.

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In the aftermath of this event, opinions have been divided among fans. Some believe that Lambert was justified in reprimanding the group, as their actions were seen as distracting and obstructive. On the other hand, others argue that the fans should have been allowed to take as many selfies as they pleased, considering they were paying attendees of the concert.

Adela Calin’s involvement in the controversy surrounding the Miranda Lambert concert calls attention to the conflicting perspectives of both the artist and the fans. While Lambert’s scolding left Calin feeling belittled, Lambert likely had her reasons for addressing the situation. This controversy serves the intricate dynamics that exist between performers and their audience, and the impact that their actions can have on fan loyalty and support.

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