New York flash floods pour into subways, submerge roads; See pictures

Breaking News: The weather forecast of New York, USA has announced that on 29th September 2023, Friday in New York, USA, a flash caused because of a tropical storm. Because of the flash, many areas of New York went under the water, and also subway went under the water. This is really shocking right now. Just because of a flash the entire New York is in a scary situation because New York has suffered a lot of losses yesterday. the flash has destroyed many things. The sudden weather change has suddenly given a big shock to the residents. Many news channels are covering this news on television. Scroll down and read the entire article to learn about the situation in New York right now.

Flash floods submerge New York

A hilarious flash flooding has destroyed many places in New York City yesterday. Yesterday, there was a very heavy rain which was not stopping for a long time. The rain continued and suddenly in the night a flash occurred that turned ash really devastating. According to the source, the National Weather Service (NWS) has officially issued flash flood warnings for almost 8.5 million people who live in the New York City area. Scroll down to learn more about this flash flood.

Many people from New York, USA are sharing the video in which we have seen a hilarious moment. All the video of this flash flood is really shocking and it has gained the attention of many internet users. Because of this flash, many things in New York have been destroyed. Many cars, shops, and homes have been harmed. Till now it is not confirmed whether any individual has also been harmed or not. This is a completely life-threatening flash flood. And there is a big warning of flash flooding in New York, USA. The most triggered are in New York is New York City. Continue reading in the next paragraph.

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In this flash flood, the most impacted area is Brooklyn. It is reported that almost 7 inches of rain occurred by midday in Brooklyn. This flash flood is similar to the wettest day on record at John F. Kenney International Airport on 14 August 2011. New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated, that he wants to say to all the people who reside in New York, this is the time for big alert and extreme caution. Some of the subways have been flooded and it is very difficult to move out in the entire city right now. Stay at home and be safe.

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