NDPC Investigates 9 organisations for data regulation breaches: List of data breaches

The National Data Protection Commission (NDPC) of Nigeria has initiated an investigation into nine major organizations for possible breaches of data regulations. Dr. Vincent Olatunji, the National Commissioner of NDPC, announced this during a press conference held in Lagos. Olatunji stressed that the commission is dedicated to conducting a thorough investigation of any instances of data misuse and to holding those who violate data protection regulations accountable. accountable.

NDPC probes nine organisations

In order to comply with data protection regulations, the NDPC has mandated that organizations such as banks and telecom operators who handle data belonging to Nigerians must register with the commission by December. This mandate is based on the Nigeria Data Protection Act, which requires all data controllers and processors to register within six months of the law’s enactment. The NDPC’s goal is to promote transparency and accountability in the management of personal data, while also protecting individuals’ privacy rights.

According to Dr. Olatunji, the NDPC is an independent commission that operates without any political affiliations or external influences. The commission has imposed fines on three major banks for data breaches, and these banks are expected to pay the fines. Currently, the NDPC is investigating an insurance firm, a school, and a consulting firm for potential breaches of data protection regulations. These actions demonstrate the commission’s commitment to holding organizations accountable for their actions, regardless of their status or industry.

The NDPC is working alongside the Central Bank of Nigeria to create social media Know-Business-Customer (KYC) protocols and tackle data regulation issues within the financial sector. The NDPC is responsible for protecting customer data in line with the Nigeria Data Protection Act, while the Central Bank is tasked with safeguarding the financial system from data risks. Together, they aim to overcome these challenges and ensure data protection.

At the IOT West Africa Conference and Exhibition, 9mobile, a telecommunications operator, stressed its commitment to safeguarding user data. Karn Gulati, who serves as the Director of Strategy and Transformation at 9mobile, emphasized the company’s dedication to complying with NITDA regulations and ensuring the security of customer data. To combat cyber threats, 9mobile implements various measures and conducts frequent inspections to maintain strong security protocols.

The NDPC’s ongoing investigations and the dedication of companies such as 9mobile highlight the significance of data protection in Nigeria. The NDPC aims to uphold data protection regulations and promote responsibility, ultimately safeguarding people’s privacy and establishing a safe online space.