NCP leader attacks Anna Hazare, ‘Wearing hat does not mean that one is Gandhi’

A controversy erupted after Maharashtra MLA Jitendra Awhad of the National Congress Party lent his voice against prominent social activist Anna Hazare. Reportedly, the NCP MLA started a war of words against Anna Hazare by saying wearing a hat does not mean he is Gandhi. Jitendra Awhad took to X formerly known as Twitter to criticize the activist. Jitendra Awhad’s tweet has caused a stir in the country. People have been divided into parts supporting Anna Hazare and supporting NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad. Whoever is unversed in this war of words between Jitendra Awhad and Anna Hazare, is asked suggested to keep reading this article till the end. 

Anna Hazare

NCP MLA Says Wearing Hat Doesn’t Mean Gandhi

Jitendra Awhad, the leader of the opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and three times member of the legislative assembly of Maharashtra from Mumbra-Kalwa in Thane, took to X to write, “This man traveled this country. Wearing a hat does not mean that one is Gandhi”. Kindly note that Jitendra Awhad posted the tweet in Marathi. Social activist Anna Hazare has responded to Jitendra Awhad’s statement about him. Hazare is looking forward to taking legal action against the MLA. 

Anna Hazare Responded To Jitendra Awhad’s Tweet

While talking to ANI media, Anna Hazare said that the nation knows who is Jitendra Awhad and who is he. Furthermore, he said he is not supposed to tell him who he is. In addition, he would take legal action against him for causing injury to dignity. Anna Hazare told ANI “The whole world knows who liv is and who is Anna Hazare, I don’t need to tell. I am taking suggestions from a lawyer and may file a case under compensation for injury to dignity”. Nevertheless, the veteran activist further added that the country has suffered a lot because of him therefore he made laws to benefit the people of India. Continue reading this article.

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Hazare said, “If it is said that the country has suffered losses because of me, then I have made so many laws which have benefited the people of the country.” He went on to say that his movements incurred losses to political workers and they could not deny that. “Due to some of my movements, some of their workers suffered losses, we cannot deny this. Many of their workers had to go home because of me, this was definitely a loss for them and they probably are not able to bear it.” Anna says it is politicians’ duty to make false allegations against him to defame him.

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