N2 Cape Town Accident: 5 Dies In N2 Cape Town Accident

Shock waves are blowing from N2 Cape Town where a deadly crash drove to the deaths of five people. It is heartbreaking to hear that a bus accident cost the lives of five people. In addition, more than 40 people were reported to be injured in this N2 Cape Town crash. It has been a couple of months since this fatal accident happened in Southern Cape Town but people are still feeling the harrowing waves blowing from the scene. The aftermath imagery of the accident was chilling. As many people are keen to know the cause of the accident that happened on N2 Cape Town, we have published this column after analyzing multiple reports. Find out more details of the accident N2 Cape Town today in the following sections. Scroll down.

N2 Cape Town Accident
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Accident N2 Cape Town Today: 5 Dies In N2 Cape Town Accident

It is with great sorrow we announce that five people died in the bus accident. According to Southern Cape Police, the officers are still at the initial stage of the investigation into this fatal bus accident that took place in Swellendam. Talking about the deceased, the five parishioners were from the Anglican Church of St. Aidan in Lansdowne. The police report further stated that a total of 48 people were found injured after the bus accident. Let’s analyze the circumstances surrounding the N2 Cape Town accident. Continue reading this column.

As per the Southern Cape Town Police, the bus involved in a crash on the N2 was carrying a total of 52 passengers and a driver at that time, it overturned on the highway near Swellendam. This heart-wrenching tragedy occurred when the bus with a total of 53 occupants was coming back to Cape Town in George where they visited a church. Many people are eager to know what was the cause of the crash and how did the bus overturn on the N2. Take a look below.

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How did the bus overturn on N2 Cape Town?

As mentioned, the investigation is currently at the initial state, the investigators have not yet determined the actual cause of the crash. However, it is believed that speed was the factor that led the bus to overturn on the highway. Due to overspeed the driver of the bus might lose control of it and crash the bus. Now, it has been over four months since the accident happened but detectives have not wrapped up their investigation. Stay tuned to this website.

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