MTV Roadies 19 Elimination Today 16th September 2023: Who Get Evicted From Roadies This Week?!

Hello all the reality show lovers, here we are back with a written update of highly anticipated the Roadies 19. This show is a youth-based reality show and this show is very famous among people. It was launched in 2003 and aired on MTV India. This show has a massive fan following as it has been entertaining its fans for a long time. Today is Saturday and now fans must be super curious to know about the Today episode as they know that it will be more interesting and amazing. Here we have more information about the MTV Today episode and we will share it with you in this article.

MTV Roadies 19 Elimination

MTV Roadies 19 Elimination Today

As we all know MTV Roadies and very famous show and this show has completed its 18 seasons and they were very amazing and enjoyable. Currently, this show is back with another season. One more time Roadies is back with another season and currently season 19 has been running well with great TRP on television. Season 19 is named Roadies Karm Ya Kaand and this season is special for the gang leaders. This show achieved huge success because of its amazing content. Scroll down to the next page for more information about the show.

MTV Roadies is a show where a group of competitors travel to various goals and experience different tasks that challenge their physical, social, and mental strength. As we already mentioned Roadies is back with its another season and season 19 of the Roadies premiered on MTV India on 3 June 2023. For season 19 competitors are required to secure at least two votes from the gang leaders to enter the show. The gang leaders include a very famous Indian actress Rhea Chakraborty, Indian model & actor Prince Narula, and Indian movie actor Gautam Gulati. You are on the right page for more information about today’s episode.

Sr No.Contestant NameGangStatus
1Prakram DandonaGautamCompeting
2Piyu SharmaPrinceCompeting
3Pallavi YadavRheaCompeting
4Digvijay Singh RatheeGautamEliminated
(3 September 2023)
5Himanshu AroraPrinceCompeting
6Rupa SinghGautamEliminated
(23 July 2023)
7Hassan SiddiqueeGautamEliminated
(15 July 2023)
8Rajveer DeyRheaCompeting
9Mallika MotiramaniGautamEliminated
(15 July 2023)
(23 July 2023)
11Leeza BasumataryGautamEliminated
(13 August 2023)
12Bhoomika VasishthGautamCompeting
13Shayan SiddiquiRheaCompeting
14Neerja PuniaRheaEliminated
(3 September 2023)
15Shubham ChaudharyRheaEliminated
(15 July 2023)
16Rishabh JaiswalRheaCompeting
17Manpreet KaurRheaEliminated
(15 July 2023)
18Tanu RawatRheaCompeting
19Nayera AhujaRheaEliminated
(13 August 2023)
20Abhirup KadamRheaCompeting
21Sachin SharmaGautamCompeting
23Lekha JambaulikarPrinceEliminated
(15 July 2023)
24Priyanka ChoudharyPrinceEliminated
(13 August 2023)
25Priyanka GuptaPrinceCompeting
26Siwet TomarPrinceCompeting
27Thara Bhai JoginderGautamCompeting
28Pery SheetalPrinceEliminated
(15 July 2023)
29Vashu JainRheaCompeting
30Prem ShiluPrinceCompeting
31Ashika SurvePrinceCompeting
32Gary LuPrinceEliminated
(5 August 2023)
33Naveen KumarPrinceEliminated
(13 August 2023)

If we talk about the contestants of season 19: Prakram Dandona, Piyu Sharma, Neerja Punia, Bhoomika Vasishth, Priyanka Choudhary, Shubham Chaudhary, Shayan Siddiqui, Lekha Jambaulikar, Siwet Tomar, Yogesh Sharma, Sachin Sharma, Nejm, Pery Sheetal, Thara Bhai Joginder, Priyanka Gupta, Ashika Surve, Mallika Motiramani, Nayera Ahuja, Rajveer Dey, Akriti Negi, Abhirup Kadam, Vashu Jain, Prem Shilu, Manpreet Kaur, Tanu Rawat, Rajveer Dey, Heman Parchani, Twinkle Chourasia, Shuly Nadar, Addy Jain, Rupa Singh, Himanshu Arora, Bhawish Madaan, Rishabh Jaiswal, Swati. All the contents are very talented and they are very famous for their amazing skills and strength.

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Season 19 is hosted by Sonu Sood and currently, it has been running well with great TRP. Now this show has been gaining huge attention from the people as now fans don’t want to skip any chance to a single episode of the show. We have shared the names of all the contestants, who have participated in season 19 of the Roadies. All the contestants are giving their best as they don’t want to skip any chance to win the match. As we all know this is a reality show and every week one contestant gets eliminated from the show. So now let’s take a look at the eliminated contestants of the show.

As we all know now fans must be very curious to know about today’s episode as they know that it will be more interesting and amazing. If we talk about the contestants then all are amazing and currently, they are giving their best to win the trophy. Currently, fans have been waiting for the show as they know that it will be more interesting and amazing. All the makers are set to entertain their fans with another episode. Today’s episode starts host of the show, Sonu Sood. He welcomes the roadies and the gang leaders to the new task site. Today’s episode all the contestant will give their best as they don’t want to skip any chance to win the match. You are on the right page for more information about the show, so please read the complete article.

As per the promo video, All the contestants of season 19 start arguing with their old gang members at the campsite due to belief matches after the new gang figures. After that, you will see, that Piyu and Pallavi both start fighting with each other and they fight due to Pallavi blaming Piyu for teaming up with Akriti during the last task. Here we have shared all the information that we had. So don’t forget to watch the full episode of the  Roadies season 19 on the MTV channel on television. Stay tuned to us for more updates.


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