More than 30.75 lakh audit reports filed on income tax department’s e-filing portal for AY24 till September 30

The biggest shocking news is here. Now it has been announced that more than 30.75 lakh audit has reported the file for the AY 2023-2024. This audit also includes the 29.5 lakh tax audit. This is one of the biggest shocking news of current time. All these assessments have been filed for the Assessment Year 2023-24 on the e-filing portal. It has been filed till the end of the due date which was 30th September 2023. It has been filed with respect to filing the tax audit reports and some other audit reports in Form Number 29B, 29C, 10CCB, etc. It has ensured compliance at the time.

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Sometime later it was announced that the income tax department has released appreciated taxpayers and tax professionals who are making compliance on time. The people who were used to getting their books audited are now supposed to submit the tax audit report before 30 September 2023. 30th September 2023, Saturday was the last date of the relevant assessment year. It has been reported by the Income Tax Department that extensive outreach programs have been carried out to facilitate all taxpayers. Reports say the approximately 55.4 lakh outreach has been done via e-mail, social media, and SMSs, it is included with the messages on the Income Tax portal which has created awareness for all the taxpayers who have filed the Tax Audit Reports. And for those audit forms that are on the due date.

Till now IT department has uploaded many user awareness videos on the official Income Tax portal which has provided guidance. These videos will be really helpful to taxpayers and tax professionals who are filling the audit reports till the due date. Till now the e-filling portal has now successfully handed the entire traffic which has provided a great experience to all the tax professionals and taxpayers for filing the reports of the audit.

Sources say the e-filling Helpdesk team has handled more than 2.36 lakh queries from taxpayers in the last month. These queries support the taxpayers and tax professionals during the filing period and it has helped them to resolve the complexity that is involved. This support from the helpdesk has been done via calls, I’ve chats, outbound calls, co-browsing seasons, and Webex. It has been also supported on the Twitter page of the Department which is through the Online Response Management (ORM). A lot of webinars have been conducted for the filing of Audit forms which have been conducted to guide Tax professionals.

Prakash Israni
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