MLB The Show 23 Trailer – Several Legends Will Be Playable

SDS released the newest MLB The Show 23 trailer today, which focuses on some of the Legends that will be playable in the game. The news got out over the weekend, but it’s great to see Sosa and Big Mac back in the game.

The development team also discussed some of the upcoming changes and additions to the Stadium Creator. The official trailer for MLB The Show 23 can be viewed below:

YouTube video

On March 28, MLB The Show 23 will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles. Additionally, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass for the first time on Day One for the third year in a row.

Do you know that the team-based action game Exoprimal, which was announced at Sony’s State of Play event a year ago today, finally has a release date? Capcom Spotlight Showcase says that Exoprimal will come out in July:

Beginning on March 24, those of you who purchase either of the Collector’s Editions will be granted early access to the game for a period of four days. For Xbox users who want to start playing the game four days earlier, there is also a bundle called Xbox Game Pass Early Access.