Missing: What happened to Katrice Lee? Toddler who disappeared in a split second

In this article, we are going to learn what happened to Katrice Lee. The name Katrice is currently viral on social media. This name is making rounds on the World Wide Web. Today, we are going to look at the clue that could help find the tragic toddler who disappeared in some second. A lot of people are currently interested to learn what happened to Katrice Lee. She was the girl who went missing on her 2nd birthday. At that time her name was in the headlines and now after many decades, her name has again come into the spotlight. So to know everything about her read this article till the end.

Missing Katrice Lee
Katrice Lee in 1981 about 17/18 months old

Missing: What happened to Katrice Lee?

To learn about Katrice Lee we have to go. back in the flashbacks of the year 1981. So this is the time of 1981, 28 November when a girl named Katrice Lee went missing. That was the day of her second birthday celebration. It has been stated that Katrice visited a mall on that day with her parents just like any other toddler. They went to the mall to celebrate the second birthday of Katrice Lee. And also they went shopping for their birthday and they bought some gifts and some food for the party which was held on that night. Continue reading.

Unfortunately, that day Katrice Lee went missing. She was last seen with her parents after that now has not been discovered. It is not known where is she and mostly she is alive or not. It can be confirmed that she is dead now because if she were alive she would be discovered but we cannot say anything because nothing has been confirmed till now. It has been 40 years since her missing and till now she is missing. It is not known how she went missing. Did somebody kidnap her or did she go somewhere alone nothing has been confirmed till now. Keep reading this article to know more about her.

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This case has again come into headlines because recently the pictures of Katrice Lee’s father went viral. Recently, in a picture, the father of Katrice Lee was seen holding the picture of Katrice. Her father’s name is Richard Lee. He was holding the photograph of his missing daughter. By looking at this picture got interested in knowing about this case and started searching about this case and we are sure you are also here after searching about this case. So you are at the right place. Now to learn more about the missing case of Katrice Lee check out the next paragraph of this article.

Missing Katrice Lee
Richard Lee holding a photograph of his missing daughter (Image: Andy Commins / Daily Mirror)

According to the source, a series has been made on the missing case of Katrice Lee. The series has been recently released. The series of this case has been telecasted recently and the name of the series is The Search for Britain Missing which is being telecasted on Channel 5, this series has been hosted by Dan Walker. He has told me everything regarding what happened with Katrice Lee. He has also said that her family members and army officers took part in the investigation to find Katrice Lee.

Reports have shown that the father of Katrice Lee, Richard Lee is a former army officer. He was a sergeant major in The King Royal Hussars of the British Army who started in West Germany. The mother’s name Katrice Lee is Sharon Lee and the elder sister’s name of Katrice Lee is Natasha Lee who lives in the SchloB Neuhaud area of Paderborn. Reports have stated that her parents decided to go to the nearby NAAFI shopping complex on the occasion of Katrice Lee’s second birthday celebration so that they could buy gifts. Keep reading till the end.

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On that, the leader sister of Katrice Lee, Natasha Lee didn’t go shopping and she stayed at her home with her aunt Wendy and uncle Cliff who came to their home for the birthday celebration. As per the reports, Richard was waiting outside for her mom and the daughter was inside the case. Then they went off to shop with Sharon Lee who was carrying Katrice Lee in her arms. But at that time when Sharon was checking out she put Katrice down then something shocking happened. Scroll down to learn.

When Shanon Lee put Katrice Lee down at the checkout she left to purchase some crisps and then at the time she returned at the checkout, Katrice Lee was not there. She vanished. As per the information, Katrice Lee had curly hair and brown eyes, and she was wearing red Wellington boots, a green and blue tartan pinafore dress filled around her shoulders, and a turquoise duffer coast at the time when she went missing. She was also wearing a white blouse underneath and matching white tights. It has been said that she has a pink birthmark on the right side of her spine. She also had a strabismus in her left eye.

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