Microsoft hacking incident: Chinese hackers steal 60,000 US State Department emails

In this article, we are going to talk about this year’s hacking incident of Microsoft. This article is going to cover the Microsoft hacking incident. Earlier this year Chinese hackers stole a total of 60,000 emails from the United States department. This information has been shared by the Senate Staffer. This news has been recently shared and it has raised the eyes of the public. The public is really shocked after listening to this news. This news is one of the biggest shocking as one of the biggest companies in the world of tech became the victim of hacking. Read this article to know the entire case.

Microsoft hacking incident

Recently, one of the staff for Senator Eric Schmitt shared some hilarious news. The US Senate staff member said that the Chinese hackers who subverted the Microsoft emails platform stole-total of tens of thousands of emails from the country’s State Department accounts. This case happened at the start of this year. He claimed that officials told lawmakers that 60,000 emails had been stolen from 10 different State Department accounts. The staff member got to know about this while attending a briefing of the State Department officials. This is one of the most serious cases we have ever seen. Scroll down to know more.

According to the source, the victims weren’t named but one of the victims was working in the Pacific and East Asia. There are some allegations that China has hacked the State Department with more than two dozen which are totally unrecognized organizations that have already strained the tense United States-China relationship. In these allegations, Beijing has completely denied being behind the spying. This hacking has taken highly focused attention on Microsoft’s outsize role in providing IT services to the American government. This news is viral right now on Twitter (X) and there is a big debate on it this time.

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According to the source, they need to be really hard for their defense against all these types of cyberattacks because it is really important. And not just for them other companies should also be aware of these types of cyberattacks. Safety is important for our future. Schmitt claimed in a statement shared by the staffer in the email where he said that they need to take a big look at the federal government’s reliance on a single vendor which is a big point. In return, till now the US State Department has not given any response.

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