Meta to lay off employees in metaverse silicon unit

Reports have been suggesting that tech giant Meta is thinking of laying off its employees. Yes, you heard it right, two sources familiar with the matter suggested that Meta is planning to fire its employees from the unit of metaverse silicon unit. Since this news surfaced on the internet it has been trending on social media and causing tension among the employees of Meta. In addition, the tech universe also has been stunned when it heard that Meta informed its employees about the layoff in a post on its internal discussion forum Workplace on Tuesday, September 3, 2023. If you are scrambling to the web regarding the layoff of Meta employees of the Metaverse silicon unit, the following sections are waiting for you. Drag down the page to take a look below.


Meta to lay off its Reality Labs employees

This news broke out when the company informed its employees about the layoff of the Metaverse-oriented Reality Labs division focused on creating custom silicon on Tuesday, September 3, 2023. According to the sources familiar with the development, the employees would be laid off on Wednesday, September 4, 2023. However, the workers have already been informed of their layoffs through a post shared on Meta’s internal discussion forum Workplace. Unfold more details of Meta’s layoff in the next section. Scroll down for more details.

The post shared on Meta’s internal discussion forum Workplace says the employees would be notified about the status of their existence in the company in the morning hours of Wednesday, September 4, 2023. Kindly note that this information was gathered from multiple sources familiar with the matter. However, Meta has not released any official statement regarding the layoff of its employees of the silicon unit. A media person questioned the Meta spokesperson on the company’s plans to lay off its employees but the spokesperson refused to comment. Shift to the next section and read more details.

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It has not been determined the extent of the layoff to the silicon unit known as FAST (Facebook Agile Silicon Team) which has around 600 employees. According to the reports, the Facebook Agile Silicon Team is tasked to develop custom chips to power the augmented and virtual reality hardware manufactured in Meta’s Reality Labs section. The company is currently working on a line of mixed reality headsets known as Quest and smart glasses designed with EssilorLuxottica that can stream video and speak with users through a new AI virtual assistant.

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