META to launch web version of Threads next week

You all must have seen and used a new update called Thread on your social media. This new update named Thread has won everyone’s heart, so Wall Street Journal says that why not announce this app as a new web version on Twitter/X rival app as well. According to reports, The Wall Street Journal will launch a web version of Threads next week. But the company is discussing this topic. To read more of this news, stay with us till the end of the article.


Users are very excited to meet the new launch of Threads. Users are extremely capable of taking advantage of Threads’ posts. And this thread has maintained one thing of its own it knows its limits. The Thread has been made keeping in mind the users of smartphones. Adam Mosseri, who is the CEO of Instagram and the Threads app himself, announced last week that he is working on a web version of Threads. And also he has also said that he will soon introduce his users to the web version of threads. It can also take a full one to two weeks to build the web version of Threads.

Let’s talk about some new changes in threads, as you all users know that a main tab will also have to be included in the new features of recent threads. With the addition of this new update, users will be able to use a link with the Mastodon profile. The threads are reported to have started looking at labels for regulated media outlets on Thursday itself in order not to promote misinformation and advertisement.

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As we have informed you that a new update of the thread is about to come, now you all must be thinking about when will this new update be launched. It is a bit difficult to say, but still, the company has said this thing with a big claim that the thread will be launched on July 5. This is being done because some Twitter users have little vision of Elon Musk, keeping in mind that this new update is being launched.

A warm welcome was received fiercely by the users on the social media app. And the matter of great happiness is that within a week the app has crossed more than 100 million users. And if seen, till August 7, the number of users of the thread has reached 10 million, which is very disappointing. Follow us for more updates.

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