META Plans to Work on Boosting Retention on Threads

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, has expressed its determination to boost retention rates on its new text-based app, Threads, following a significant loss of users shortly after its highly anticipated launch. CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of user retention during an internal company town hall, acknowledging that although the app’s performance exceeded expectations, there is still room for improvement.


Zuckerberg acknowledged that it is normal for apps to experience a drop-off in user engagement after the initial excitement wears off. However, he remains optimistic, stating that he believes retention rates will increase as Meta Platforms continues to introduce new features. Among the upcoming additions are a desktop version of the app and enhanced search functionality, which are expected to play a crucial role in enticing users back to Threads.

As Meta Platforms seeks to enhance user retention, it remains committed to exploring more innovative and captivating strategies. The company aims to implement additional “retention-driving hooks” to create a more compelling user experience. While specific details were not disclosed during the town hall meeting, it is evident that Meta Platforms is actively working on diversifying its offerings and ensuring users are motivated to return to the app.

While Threads may have experienced a dip in user numbers, Meta Platforms is simultaneously making significant strides in other areas. Notably, the company recently announced a favorable revenue growth forecast that impressed investors and elicited a surge in Meta’s shares. This turnaround signifies a positive trajectory for the company, especially in light of previous skepticism surrounding its investments in the metaverse concept.

Despite acknowledging the established position of industry giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, Zuckerberg expressed the need for Meta Platforms to invest in this technology early on to prepare for its mainstream adoption. He projected that the mass adoption of metaverse technologies is likely to occur in the 2030s, the company’s long-term vision and commitment to innovation.

Meta Platforms continues to concentrate on the development of artificial intelligence in addition to metaverse developments and user retention initiatives. Llama 2, a new AI model from the business, has drawn a lot of interest from developers all over the world. Meta Platforms hopes to promote innovation by making the concept available to developers with user bases of less than 700 million. Furthermore, the company’s focus on augmented and virtual reality technology, as well as the release of the Llama 2 AI model, Meta Platforms’ commitment to innovation, and its positioning as a leading player in the tech industry.