Matthieu Belliard: Particular life choice that he made with his wife for his children

On Saturday, September 5, 2023, the much-awaited show C L’Hebdo returned to the screens. The show aired on its usual network, France 5. However, some changes were seen during its return as Aurelie Casse replaced Ali Baddou as the head of the program. This Saturday, the viewers of France 5 saw columnist Matthieu Belliard in the new season of C L’Hebdo alongside Aurelie Casse. For the unversed, he took up his pen to defend a particular life choice that he made for his children with his wife in 2020. Since he appeared in C L’Hebdo, people have been in a frenzy to know who is¬†Matthieu Belliard and what he did for his children. This column will help you with your queries regarding the same. Continue reading this article and take a look below.

Matthieu Belliard
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Matthieu Belliard’s Special Life Choice

In 2020, Matthieu Belliard wrote down a letter to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, to defend a very particular life choice for his children. His letter to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron was also published in the columns of Figaro Vox following the president’s speech on the fight against separatists. He particularly triggered the home education. Matthieu Belliard started his letter by writing, “In 2016, with our children, we made a choice of freedom. That of education as a family. None of our children suffer from serious illnesses, none of us practice any religion. C “is a choice of enlightened, ambitious and voluntary parents. The choice to fully commit to the education of our children. Open the world to them, give them a different perspective, and develop in them a keen sense of autonomy.”

Matthieu Belliard went on to concede that it was surprising to not send children to school. However, the columnist went on to explain that school would never permit what family education says yes such as sharpening children’s curiosity, developing a sense of independent work, and giving them a thirst, appetite, and desire for learning. He further added, “Our children like to ‘work’. That’s the term we use with them. They like to exercise. They like to discover.” He believes their children spend a lot of time outside and they grow up in contact with nature, and elements, and in contact with a number of kids educated in the household.

Who is Matthieu Belliard’s wife?

However, Matthieu Belliard always remains silent about his wife and children’s identities. But it is known that he and his wife are blessed with three children. Matthieu Belliard lives with his wife and three children in Normandy which is not far from Paris.

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