Matt Napolitano Illness And Health Issue: Died From An Autoimmune Disease

In a somber turn of events, renowned sports journalist Matt Napolitano departed his life. Yes, you heard it right, Matt Napolitano is no more. He has passed away. According to the sources, Matt Napolitano who was working for Fox News as a sports reporter, breathed his last on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023. As the sports journalist died at a young age, his death has sent a shock wave throughout the community. His devastated friends and family members are currently trying to process his sudden death. Many are also eager to know what happened to Matt Napolitano and what his illness was. There are innumerable questions related to Matt Napolitano’s cause of death and illness. Let’s delve deep into the details and learn more about him.

Matt Napolitano

Matt Napolitano Passed Away At 36, Know Fox News Reporter Cause of Death and Illness

Matt Napolitano was best known for his coverage of some coveted and globally popular events such as the Olympics, the World Series, the Super Bowl, and the FIFA World Cup. Additionally, the late news reporter also hosted a weekly podcast titled “The Sports Reporters”. On December 25, 2023, Matt Napolitano passed away at the age of 36, leaving his friends, family, and colleagues devastated and extremely shattered. Meanwhile, some were left curious to know what happened to him or how he died.

The preliminary reports have claimed that Fox News reporter Matt Napolitano passed away from an autoimmune disease. Yes, you read it right, Matt Napolitano lost his life after a prolonged battle with an autoimmune disease. More about his illness, Matt Napolitano was diagnosed with scleroderma, a rare and chronic autoimmune disease, in 2020. For the unversed, this chronic disease attacks the immune system of the body and its tissues, causing hardening and scarring of the internal organs and skin. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

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A report shared by the Scleroderma Foundation claimed that 300000 people in America are diagnosed with scleroderma. The irony is there is no treatment for it. Matt Napolitano suffered from severe complications, such as kidney failure, heart arrhythmia, and pulmonary fibrosis. Napolitano was hospitalized several times and required oxygen therapy and dialysis. But he kept on working as a sports reporter until November 2023. In a surprising turn of events for his fans, Matt announced that he was taking a medical leave amid several health complications. He also expressed his gratitude toward his colleagues and friends for their unwavering support.

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