Masai School Launches AI Platform ‘LevelUp’ For Hiring

Recently, the co-founder and chief executive officer of the latest technology-focused tech institute, Masai School, spoke about how Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of the tech field. He said that AI is revolutionizing tech hiring and careers in the country at pace. During an interview, Prateek Shukla said, “We realized we were onto something big when we started building our recommendation and matchmaking algorithm,” However, it can not be denied that Artificial Intelligence is expanding across industries like never before. AI has been changing lives in every manner no matter whether it is healthcare or the education system of India. Let’s take a peek at Prateek Shukla’s opinion about AI. Continue reading this article and go through it till the end. Scroll down the page.


Masai School Launches AI Platform ‘LevelUp’ For Hiring

The outcomes-focused tech institute’s CEO Prateek Shukla believes AI touched lives in different ways that were never fathomed in the past. Shukla said the evolving AI technologies still need to be upskilled. According to him, currently, the whole world is in a transformational phase therefore many tech-focused institutes including Masai School are keenly working towards integrating AI into their syllabus to enable aspiring professionals to achieve something new in this phase. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Masai School and many more are encouraging young aspiring professionals and assisting students to pursue their tech careers while assisting companies to hire the right talent. The AI-controlled platforms of the schools help students skills, match candidates to the right profile, and map competencies. Recently, Masai School launched an AI-powered platform that will revolutionize the entire hiring process of tech companies. While diving deep into Artificial Intelligence’s influence on careers and hiring in India, the co-founder of Masai School said that LevelUp is ready to redefine the traditional recruitment process of tech companies.

He said, “LevelUp assigns a level to each job seeker by assessing their skills and mapping their competencies. Based on that level, candidates can unlock companies that align with their abilities. The biggest incumbent in this space is LinkedIn. They’re still sharing thousands of resumes with no way to effectively match candidates. LevelUp reduces hiring time and brings much-needed efficiency to make tech hiring seamless.” He believes AI found new ways to launch tech careers regardless of their educational background. “As many as 65% of our learners come from non-computer science backgrounds.” Stay tuned to this website.