Who Is Mark Richards Wife Jenny Jobson? Family and Kids

Over the years, Mark Richards’s wife has been a steadfast supporter of him. She acted as the foundation for his competitive surfing success. Mark Richards’s followers have been enjoying his spectacular career for a long time. But they are not much aware of his side. Therefore, some sort of Mark Richards’s family discussion has started among the fans. As a result, Mark Richards’s wife has become a part of their discussion. But most of his fans do not know who is Mark Richards’s wife. Therefore, we have decided to bring this article to you. In the following sections, we have provided all the imperative information about his wife that you need to know. Keep reading this article for more details. Drag down the page.

Mark Richards Wife

Who is Mark Richards’s wife?

Mark Richards is an iconic name in the surfing community, His outstanding accomplishments and services over the years have made him a prolific personality across the world. His illustrious career also features numerous major honors. Notably, in 1985, Mark Richards was inducted into the private Sport Australia Hall of Fame. For the unversed, the Sport Australia Hall of Fame honors Australian athletes who have excelled in their field. Shift to the next section and read about his wife.

Mark Richards has been married to his wife Jenny Jobson for a long time. Reportedly, they have been together since their school days. Now it has been 40 years since they have been together. The couple has been enjoying their married life together. Jenny who is his beloved wife, is also a steadfast supporter of her husband. Their marital journey does not only contain cheerful moments as some tragic events do occur in their family. In 1989, the couple happily welcomed their son named Beau, who died eight weeks after his birth due to SIDS. Mark Richards and Jenny Jobson went through the heartbreaking passing of their child.

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The couple used the grief of their child’s death to fuel the drive to tackle the challenge that their child faced. As a result, Mark Richards and Jenny Jobson raised over $500,000 to assist in SIDS research. The couple has maintained a solid relationship despite numerous difficulties over the years. Mark owns and runs a surf shop that his parents established on Hunter Street. Meanwhile, his wife has stood behind him, giving him support and inspiration throughout his spectacular surfing career. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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