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The Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was a classic for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Now, with a remake for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is reviving the adventure for a new generation of players. Super Mario RPG is coming to Switch on November 17, but preorders for the endearing game are available now.

While the graphics are new and eye-catching, the rest of the film appears faithful to its source material, judging by the trailer. This includes a turn-based combat system, the original characters, and a reworked soundtrack that has held up well since 1996.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder was also announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct, so this won’t be the only Mario game vying for your attention later this year. Now, you can also preorder Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Super Mario RPG is the best option if you’re looking for an entertaining adventure that takes Mario off the beaten path.

Find out where you can preorder Super Mario RPG below. As new listings go live, we’ll add them to this preorder guide.

Super Mario RPG Preorder & Bonuses

Mario + Rabbids Sequel

There are currently no presale bonuses available for Super Mario RPG. This includes retailer-exclusive offers, though things could alter in the months leading up to the product’s release. It’s fairly typical for retailers to offer exclusive incentives for Switch-exclusive games. Check back for further details.

Unless Nintendo surprises us, the only way to get your hands on Super Mario RPG is through the ordinary version, there are no deluxe or collector’s editions. It will only include the core game unless preorder incentives are announced for specific retailers. Furthermore, it’s Super Mario RPG, so it hardly needs elaboration.

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Get your preorders in as soon as possible since, like every Mario game ever, this one will sell out quickly. You can also preorder a digital copy via the Nintendo eShop, and it qualifies for the Switch Online Game Voucher program.

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