Marcus Rashford Involved in a Serious Car Accident After Burnley Game

Shock waves have been blowing since yesterday after the Manchester United vs Burnley game. According to the reports, Manchester United star Marcus Rashford was involved in a horror car accident after the game. Yes, you heard it right, Marcus Rashford was involved in a horrific car accident on the evening of his club’s victory over Burnley. Reports have suggested that Marcus Rashford was heading toward his home following the game but he got involved in a car accident in the midway. Since this news broke out, it has been making headlines and trending on social networking sites leaving everyone startled and stunned. Currently, all the Manchester United fans are in a frenzy to know what happened to Marcus Rashford if he is unharmed or injured. Go through this column till the end to know more details.

Marcus Rashford Car Accident

Marcus Rashford Suffered A Car Crash

According to the reports, the horrific car accident took place after the England star left United’s training ground. Erik ten Hag’s squad had come back to Carrington by coach after their win, with Marcus Rashford playing the full 90 minutes at Turf Moor. For the unversed, captain Bruno Fernandes scored the only goal of the game. What were the circumstances surrounding his accident? The aftermath pictures of the crash are showing Marcus Rashford’s badly damaged car parked on the roadside. Furthermore, the footage also depicts a pole on the traffic island was capsized a few meters away.

What Happened To Marcus Rashford?

Since it was announced that the Manchester United star was involved in a car accident, people have been curious to know what happened to him. Did he sustain any injury in the mishap? Thankfully, Marcus Rashford was unharmed in the accident. He did not sustain any injury in the crash. A source reported the England star was left shaken up but had no serious injuries. Reports have suggested that Marcus Rashford was driving his $700,000 Rolls Royce after leaving the training ground. Reportedly it was a multi-vehicle accident involving two cars. The crash took place with another vehicle. Pictures of the aftermath have been uploaded on social media depicting a dent in a car after the crash.

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A source said Marcus is fine and he did not have any serious injury. At the time of the crash, Marcus was the only occupant in the car. The drivers of both cars were left unharmed. In addition, nobody was required to be treated at the scene. However, police responded to the scene and performed the necessary formal steps. Was anyone arrested following the crash?

A spokesperson for the Manchester United Club said, “Marcus is fine and was not injured. It was an accidental collision as he left the training ground after returning from Burnley. It was an incident involving his car and one driven by a member of the public. Thankfully both were uninjured and no ambulance was required.”

Did Police Arrest Marcus Rashford After Crash?

As mentioned, ample rumors have sparked on the internet following Marcus Rashford’s accident. One of the baseless rumors is that police arrested Marcus Rashford after the crash. But we debunk this claim. No, Marcus Rashford was not arrested. In fact, no arrest was made after the accident. However, police responded to the accident scene. Reportedly, Marcus Rashford and the other driver were allowed to go home after breathalyzed as a matter of routine.

Kindly note that Bruno Fernandes, the captain of Marcus Rashford’s team, also responded to the accident scene to offer help to Marcus Rashford. Fernandes scored the only goal of the match that night to beat Burnley by 1-0. During the pre-match conference, Marcus Rashford said, “One good result, one good performance, can be a game-changer at this club. It’s a difficult position and I’m not as happy as I’d like to be, but there’s only one way to get back this happiness to seek results. We know the effect that a victory can have on the team and then it’s up to the players to show consistency. That’s what we lacked. Last year, we were very consistent at home, but very irregular away.”

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Marcus Rashford Responded On Instagram

After suffering a road mishap, the Manchester United star Rashford responded to the accident. He took to his Instagram account to write, “3 points on the road! I’m alright guys thanks for the messages.” Do you know the Manchester United forward Rashford owns 3 Rolls-Royces? His three luxurious Rolls Royce cars are a £390k Black Badge Cullinan, a £560k Cullinan Blue Shadow that he acquired last month, and a £700k Black Badge Wraith which was involved in the accident. In addition, he also owns a £350,000 Lamborghini Urus Performante and a £280,000 McLaren 765 Long Tail. Seemingly, Marcus Rashford is fond of expensive luxurious cars. He frequently buys imported cars like McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini. Stay tuned with us.

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