Manon Lanza Accident Update, Where Is Maxime Biagg Now?

In this article, we are going to talk about the Manon Lanza accident update. As we all know Manon and Maxime Biagg met with an accident a while ago. Since then their fans are really worried for them. They have not made any public appearances for a very long time now. They are two seasoned and highly competent racers who were ready to make their mark in the GP Explorer 2 race. Currently, Netizens are curious to learn about their current health update. So to know about them read this article till the end.

Manon Lanza
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Manon Lanza Accident Update 2023

According to the source, Manon Lanza and Maxime Biaggi met with a horrific accident. The cars collided with each other. As per the reports, the Bugatti circuit at Le Mans hosted a competition that left millions of people spellbound. A big audience became the eye witness of the awful accident which happened between two teammates. Manon was part of the GP Explorer 2 squad. He was involved in the collision with Maxime who was representing the Mouv team. When this accident occurred the drivers suffered many injuries and the race didn’t finish. At that time the organisers of the race raised the yellow flag. The accident news became viral on social media. The footage of this accident became viral on Twitter (X). It is not clear how is his health right now. He has not made any public appearances even not live appearances or online appearances.

Maxime Biagg: Where Is He Now?

When the accident happened between Maxime Biagg and Manon Lanza the community was left in shock. Both of them became really injured at the time of the GP Explorer 2 race at the Le Mans Bugatti track. Currently, he is on the mend. But there is just limited information about him. The health and career of both drivers became really risky. It is not known how is Manon right now. There is no information available about his current health update. We wish that he is safe wherever he is right now. Maxime Biaggi is a well-respected figure in the world of motorcycle racing. He is one of the best motorcycle racers. He is known for his amazing and risky riding style. He has become a part of various world championships and he has won many achievements in his life.

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