Makro E-Waste Recycling Vouchers Suspended By ERA

This is to inform you that Makro vouchers for e-waste recycling have been suspended by the authorities. Yes, you heard it right, people won’t get Makro E-Waste Recycling vouchers anymore. This decision was taken after the E-Waste Recycling authorities issued more than 200,000 Makro vouchers worth more than R7 million in one weekend. These vouchers were being used to use the e-waste bins for the recycling of electronics waste, which were available at Makro stores. But recently, the ERA (E-Waste Recycling Authority) suspended its campaign “The Future Started Yesterday”. Why did ERA suspend Makro vouchers? This question has been swirling among the people thereafter. Let’s delve deep into the details and find out more information. Swipe down the page.

Makro E-Waste Recycling

Makro E-Waste Recycling

During the “The Future Started Yesterday” campaign that ran over the weekend, the E-Waste Recycling Authority issued over 200,000 Makro vouchers at R600 per voucher per person to hand over electric waste at Makro stores. Reportedly, earlier the authorities decided to run the campaign for two weekends on 14 & 15 October and 21 & 22 October. However, after the first weekend, the campaign was canceled by the authorities. Continue reading this article for more details. Swipe down.

The reward per participant was also reduced from R2,400 to R1,200. Talking about the reason for canceling the Makro vouchers the E-Waste Recycling Authority explained the reason for the suspension of the vouchers that the overwhelming response among the people and the popularity of the campaign over the first weekend resulted in the vouchers being handed out. The ERA said, “More than 12,500 people participated in the campaign last weekend, turning up in their droves across the country with trolleys filled with electronic waste, and they received vouchers in exchange,” The minimum voucher cost was R100 and around vouchers with R1.25 million were issued over the first weekend on October 14 and 15.

But some people took to Twitter and reported that they got the Makro voucher for a maximum of R600 which suggests that the actual figure of issuing vouchers worth around R7.5 million.

The authority said it canceled the rewards campaign until it could deliver a smoother, more enjoyable experience. It stated, “It is important that any rewards for recycle campaign is a safe experience for all who participate,” and thanked the participants who came out in support of the campaign. Further updates about Makro vouchers will be released by ERA in the coming weeks.