Maine mass shooting: 22 people died, 50-60 wounded in Lewiston

Shock waves are blowing from Lewiston, Maine where a mass shooting incident happened on Wednesday, October 25, 2023. It is with deepest sorrow that at least 22 people were killed and around 50-60 people were wounded in the mass shooting. Since the mass shooting incident happened in Lewiston, Maine, the whole nation has been shocked. The massacre has caused a stir and outraged people. Before the mass shooting and killing of 22 people, it was only reported that an active shooter was detected on Wednesday night in Lewiston, Maine. But initially, the Maine State Police Department did not share any details about the causality and mass shooting. Now people have been talking over their social media accounts to deeply condemn this incident. In case, you are scrounging the news article regarding the Lewiston mass shooting, the following sections are waiting for you. Keep reading this article.


At Least 22 Killed In the Lewiston Mass Shooting

Maine Police shared a post on Wednesday, October 25, after identifying the suspect as Robert Card. The post reads, “The Maine State Police is attempting to locate Robert Card as a person of interest regarding a mass shooting incident at Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant and the Sparetime Recreation in Lewiston, Maine”. Reportedly, the suspect, Robert Card, is a resident of 941, Meadow Rd, Bowdoin, Maine. He is 40 years old.

Taking to the social media platforms, the Maine State Police wrote, “There is an active shooter in Lewiston. We ask people to shelter in place. Please stay inside your home with the doors locked. Law enforcement is currently investigating at multiple locations.” Reuters quoted the statement of Maine State Police, Police are currently searching for a Robert R Card. He is considered armed and dangerous. A vehicle involved in this incident was located in Lisbon (a town in Maine, United States.). We are also checking with the residents in Lisbon,”

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The authorities also informed that the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. However, hundreds of police officers were positioned to locate Robert Card who is the person of interest only. In a bid to locate the suspect of the mass shooting in which at least 22 people died, Maine police are seeking help from the public. Two pictures of Robert Card have been publicly shared on social media. His picture shows he is a bearded man wearing a long-sleeve shirt and jeans. It is expected that Card is armed with a rifle. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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