Who Was Mahala Mullins? Tennessee’s Most Popular Moonshiner

The most renowned moonshiner in the history of Tennessee is said to be Mahala Mullins. There is a story that Mahala Mullins once bet 30 men. There are many other stories about Mahala Mullins that people believe, adding a layer of curiosity and intrigue among the young generation to learn more about her. Meanwhile, the searches for Mahala Mullins’s Wikipedia page significantly surged in recent times, making Mahala Mullins a trending topic on the internet. As people at large are currently scrambling to the web to learn about Mahala Mullins, we found it compelled to cater to their queries about Mahala Mullins, thus we did a deep study on her and published this article. In case, you are also eager to learn about Mahala Mullins, keep reading this article and go through it till the end. Swipe down the page.

Mahala Mullins
Mahala Mullins was so notorious and untouchable that even the law couldn’t haul her in.

Who Was Mahala Mullins?

As Mahala Mullins has been referred to as one of the most popular moonshiners in the history of Tennessee, it has prompted people to search for Mahala Mullins’s Wikipedia. The trend of increase in the number of searches for Mahala Mullins’s Wikipedia page shows the curiosity and intrigue to learn Mahala Mullins’s story and legacy. But there is no dedicated page on Wikipedia for Mahala Mullins. Thus, we have published this article to share some interesting facts about her. So be sticky with this page and continue reading this article. Drag down the page.

Mahala Mullins, a moonshiner, who was popular for her unique homemade moonshine. Mullins’s products often had flavors that were extracted from fresh organic apples from her local garden which drew people’s attention thus people at large from far away traveled just to purchase her product. More about her, Mahala was an independent businesswoman who was immensely respected in Central Appalachia.  In the history of moonshining, her unorthodox way of making moonshine made her a significant figure. Now in 2024, people have once again become curious to know the story and history of Mahala Mullins.

As mentioned, there is no dedicated page on Wikipedia for Mahala Mullins, making it more difficult for people to learn about her. But this article can provide you with a closer glimpse into the life of Mahala Mullins. Mahala Mullins was born to Jane Goins and Solomon Dickerson in 1824 in Tennessee. She was also widely popular as “Big Harley”. Whom she was married to? Continue reading this article to learn about her.

Mahala Mullins
The most famous female moonshiner of all time was a lady named Mahala “Big Haley” Mullins. (Source: Twitter)

Mahala Mullins was married to her husband Johnnie Skinny Mullins. He was given the nickname Skinny because of his slender body complex. Mahala Mullins and her husband Johnnie lived in a cabin on Newman’s Ridge, an isolated place that was perfect for Mahala Mullins’s moonshine operations. An interesting fact about Mahala Mullins is that she was the mother of 20 children while some of her infants also died. The moonshining profession of Mahala Mullins helped her family to fulfill their basic needs. Eventually, the Big Harley became a legendary moonshiner through her determination toward the work. However, Mahala was very proud to support her family by selling high-quality moonshine as an income.

You may find it funny but some say moonshiner Mahalia Collins Mullins once beat 30 men in a wrestling match and sold them all whisky afterward while other people say she was so large that when police tried to arrest her, they couldn’t get her through the door. Moonshining has an extensive history in Tennessee, rooted in the state of Appalachian cultural heritage. Originally moonshining developed in regions like Carter, Cades Cove and Blount, Hancock, Henry, Polk, Fentress, and Scott Counties. Stay tuned.

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