Why Did MacG’s Mom Decide To Abort Him?

Recently, MacG revealed a shocking incident that left the netizens divided. Reportedly, MacG revealed that once his mom considered aborting him. Yes, you heard it right, since MacG opened up about his mom’s thoughts of abortion during the pregnancy, his followers have been divided to share their opinions on it. While some are keen to learn why did MacG’s mom consider abortion. We have come up with this article to share what MacG recently revealed on his podcast. Usually, MacG remains in the limelight for his outrageous conversations on his podcast but his followers are divided by the over-share on his latest podcast episode. Let’s delve deep into the details and learn what he said.

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MacG. Picture: Instagram

Why Did MacG’s Mom Decide To Abort Him?

On the 500th episode of his podcast, titled “Podcast and Chill” MacG welcomed his mother on the show along with co-host Sol Phenduka. The fans were shocked when MacG said the craziest thing his fans did not know was that his mother wanted to abort him. It was the moment when everyone was shocked and became reactionless. Meanwhile, MacG’s mom responded to explain the reason. She said that she was just 17 years old when she became pregnant and she was too scared of her father. Therefore, she once considered aborting MacG.

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His mom said, “I was young; remember I was 17 when I fell pregnant. I was so scared of my dad … he’s a very, very strict person. I thought he was going to beat me. I thought about abortion, but because I am scared of pain, I thought: ‘What if he’s my only child? What if I don’t have kids again?’ Little did I know that you would be the only child.” Shockingly, his mother said that if she had got the legal abortion option then she must have done it.

MacG’s father who was a taxi owner, came as a supportive but due to the age difference between them things could not work for them. “He was seven years older … We grew apart, and he was also still dating other women.” In a shocking turn of events, MacG questioned his mother where he was conceived. His mother replied, “I was afraid of my mother coming back home… I told him, ‘Let’s quickly do it in the car’.” The clips of her mother from Podcast And Chill are going viral on X and other social platforms. Stay tuned.